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This web site has your privacy as its top priority,
along with passing on to you our first class information. is my own personal web site, created by me in order that I may pass on to you all the money saving knowledge I have gained over the years.

This extends from just plain old 'making ends meet' and paying the bills, running my own Bed and Breakfast business and finally financial advice straight from trading on the Stock Market. So quite a varied career and range of knowledge.

I pass this information on in the hope that my experience may also help you.

I do accept advertisements from Google that are displayed on the pages of the site, but have no control over them whatsoever. Sometimes you may see some adverts that are about the same subject as the page in question. This is entirely coincidental and quite unavoidable.

I also accept remuneration from various other advertising sources. I am particular and very discriminating about the source and from whom I accept these advertisements. Many are turned down as being unsuitable from my perspective and your safety.

Regarding the advertisements that are featured on these pages, I have either used the products or the services that are featured or have no hesitation in accepting these advertisements and endorsing them because of their reputation and high standing.

I hope you will feel secure and reassured by this statement and that you will have confidence in using the services of the advertisers.

In addition, all the information given on this site is passed to you in good faith. No guarantee can be given as to the reliability of any of the sites appearing on these pages, nor any of the information herein. Whilst every effort is made to pass on reliable information and reliable advertisers to you, the final decision is with you, the user.

All information that you pass to me, including your web address will never be passed on to any third party.

Looking forward to a long and prosperous relationship with you.

With every good wish,

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