Your Low Budget Wedding

Your low budget wedding may now have become essential in view of the economic situation.

So, forget the Hello magazine style glitz and make a compromise on your dreams.

Don't worry - it can be done!

Concentrate on your individual style and ideas without compromising on quality.

Let us show you how to manage a wedding day that can be a delight to you, your husband-to-be, your guests and your bank balance.

Also a day to be remembered - hopefully, with fond memories - not embarrassment and without costing too much money.

The search is on - but bear in mind, it can be done.


When organising a low budget wedding the key to cost cutting is to book a venue out of season or mid-week. Also seek out places that will let you bring in your own caterers and which don’t sneak in a charge for opening your wine.

Take a look and see if any Councils are offering properties as a possible venue.

Hylands House is a restored Georgian property in Chelmsford, Essex operated by Essex County Council - 01245 605500 and has no corkage or rules about approved caterers.

If you are arranging your reception from your own or a friend’s house, your local village hall committee might hire out their marquee in return for a donation to funds. This will help with your low budget wedding. Otherwise, hunt around for a local company.


If you are confident about DIY catering there are several routes to take.

A home made casserole dish such as coq au vin can be made in several large batches and frozen ahead of time, along with potato and parsnip dauphinoise. The latter can be either piped into neat, little towers or cut into neat squares, (individual portions) and again frozen ahead of time.

If you are wondering how to store a quantity of food to feed around 100 guests then hire a freezer from a local company. The food can be pre-cooked over a period of time and then stored in the freezer in readiness for your low budget wedding.


Try an M & S cake and either decorate it yourself, or get the florist to decorate it with floral layers to go between the tiers. Alternatively, you may be lucky enough to know an accomplished cook who would bake and ice your cake for you. This is another item that will help with your low budget wedding.


Most magazines will be able to tell you what’s hip and trendy at the moment but it's more important to find something that you actually like and are comfortable with, both in style and price. This will make for a good starting point when you come to meet your florist and make you more at ease in keeping to your low budget wedding.

Grow your own table decorations – bowls of white hyacinths – or make small white pots of cut flowers. These can be prepared the day ahead, and if the flowers are placed in ‘Oasis’ foam,(obtainable from a local florist) This will make your task even easier for keeping to your low budget wedding. Maybe you know a member of the local floral decoration club who would like to assist? This would be a fantastic way to keep to your low budget wedding. Some of these ladies are extremely accomplished.

Look around local hedgerows if your wedding is in summer. Cow parsley with its huge heads of white flowers can be tastefully arranged in vases at the reception venue. This is a stately plant and is extremely effective in large arrangements. This has actually been done by a leading flower arranger with great success.


If you are inviting around 100 guests, a Guest Book is a nice idea. Something to look back on with pleasure in the years to come.

You normally come across Guest Books at the entrance of historical buildings such as museums, galleries and stately homes, however, more brides and grooms are choosing to have them at their wedding. The book allows guests to express their thoughts.

A name column with space for comments is all that is needed. Such books can be bought from your local stationers.


If you are fortunate enough to have a friend or relative who is a competent seamstress, you are in luck.

Don’t immediately turn your nose up at an eBay dress, there are some brand new gowns available there for £170, plus some other interesting offers, so it might be worth a quick search. Be sure to check the feed-back page for any seller. This is an entirely satisfactory way of economising for your low budget wedding,- and you don't have to tell people! You could also consider hiring a dress.

Again, not to be sniffed at - Oxfam has specialist shops selling second-hand dresses as well as designer samples.

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The photographer is about as important as finding the right dress. What’s the point in looking amazing and feeling amazing if the photographer can’t capture your mood? With a good photographer you will be able to look back with pleasure over the years and each time you will bless your luck in choosing a good photographer. How dreadful not to be able to face looking at the photographs out of sheer embarrassment.

If Uncle Sid offers his services along with his new digital camera, tread with caution.

There is nothing like employing an accomplished photographer who can organise guests into the best possible setting for photographs.

This is a once in a lifetime opportunity which must not be missed. Shop around, ask friends for their experiences and most of all balance all your information to make sure your low budget wedding is well recorded.

Uncle Sid can always take his photographs alongside the professional photographer, but prime the photographer about this beforehand so that Uncle Sid does not get in his way.


Several ways are available here. Keep your eyes open for good special offers from supermarkets. Serve a New World sparkling wine and switch to champagne for the toast. Do not serve expensive wines throughout the wedding. This is total madness when you are on organising a low budget wedding. Also have a supply of soft drinks - apple or orange juice available.


Make your own! If you have a creative friend try to enlist their help, even if this is just for a rough draft to give to the printer. Otherwise, shop around as this is a lucrative market for printers.


There are probably many choices to choose from in local groups. Contact your local music college and ask for a jazz trio or string quartet according to your particular taste. Ask your local line dance club to provide a teacher to demonstrate a few simple tricks and dance routines where your guests can participate. This should keep your guests amused and entertained and should, in turn, result in a substantial discount for your low budget wedding.


Take a look at our page Learn How to Haggle and take real hold of the money spending situation.

It will become obvious as you read through this page that a DIY wedding involves a lot of work. So.....learn to delegate to trusted relatives and friends. If possible, give one of your most trusted friends the task of overseeing the whole affair - referring only to you.

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