Why Not Quit Smoking Now?

Why not quit smoking now?

You CAN quit smoking even if you have been smoking for as long as 30 years.

If you have been smoking for this long and you stop - your risk of heart disease halves within a year of quitting.

Why not quit smoking NOW?

No one is pretending it is easy to quit smoking - some people take up to 12 attempts before they succeed - the lucky ones succeed at their first try.

The secret is to stick at it. Don't succumb to the remarks of your friends if your first attempt should fail - they may secretly wish you to keep smoking and keep them company.

Show them that you DO have willpower.

Leading UK cardiologist, Dr. Leonard Shapiro of The Papworth Hospital, Cambridge, is very direct. He says

'Stop smoking right now - it's the most powerful risk factor for heart, lung disease and cancer.'

He advises those people in their fifties 'Quitting might be difficult, but there are many NHS schemes to help. While the cancer risk reverses slowly, the chance of sudden cardiac death returns to low levels within a fortnight.'

What better advice can you get?

Why not quit smoking now?

If just one person reading this page takes this good advice,
then the hours and hours spent building this web site become worthwhile.

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If you are in the UK the National Health Service (NHS) runs free local no-smoking groups. For more information go to www.gosmokefree.nhs.uk

Research by QUIT (0800 00 22 00) the charity, shows that nicotine replacement therapy – skin patches, chewing gum, lozenges, nasal sprays of ‘inhalators’ all help and increase your chances of success. It is usual to keep using these products for 8-12 weeks and they are available from supermarkets, pharmacies and GP’s. Why not quit smoking now?

There are two prescription drugs – Zyban and Champix which work by blocking the body’s ability to absorb nicotine. There can be side effects so talk to your GP or call QUIT for information to help you quit smoking.

In addition the charity QUIT also offers an online service for email counselling stopsmoking@quit.org.uk Their web site www.quit.org.uk is very helpful and their mission statement is:

To significantly reduce unnecessary suffering and death from smoking related diseases, and aim towards a smoke free UK future. To provide practical help, advice and support to all smokers who want to stop.

which just about says it all.

These two services - QUIT and the NHS - have the obvious benefit of being available exactly when you need their help at a time to suit you. Interestingly QUIT also have charity shops - another way to save money. More details on this later.

Exercise is an important factor in giving up. Increase your breathing power by increasing your lung capacity and your cardiovascular health at the same time. These are the two areas that are most at risk and even ordinary exercise such as walking will help you. Why not quit smoking now?

There are alternative therapies, with hypnotism being the most widely known and publicised. Some people swear by this method but it has not been scientifically proven to work. The same applies to CDs and DVDs. If they work for you, then that’s fine. The choice is ultimately yours. So long as you are able to quit then that is all that matters.

So why not give it a whirl.
The information is here.
Save money and more importantly, save your health
Good luck.

Why not quit smoking now then you can join the rest of us who have done so and now feel so good. There's nothing quite so pure as a reformed smoker!

Have we covered everything?

Do you know of a good tip for quitting smoking?

Why not pass it on to us to inspire others via the

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We will then pass it on to help our other readers.

Thank you.

We don't want to nag but -
Why Not Quit Smoking Now -
You Know You Can Do It!

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