Where to Advertise

To boost traffic to your site let us show you where to advertise - right here on this web site.

This method will also give your product, brand or service more worldwide recognition.

You can choose from the following types of advertisements:

Text links,

Banner displays and

Home Page Text Links or Displays

These three methods are all listed and detailed below.

Select where to advertise by judging whichever method best suits your company requirements and your advertising budget.

Type of Advertisements

Text Links

Text links on a specific page appear to work the best. This style of advertisement allows the reader to make up their own mind whether to pursue the advertisement further by clicking on the link. They are making the choice. This is definitely psycological and appears to work well.

With a text link you are able to target specific items on your site that you need brought to the attention of the public or buyer. You can create your own content making this an one of the more effective ways to advertise.

In addition, a text link does not have the appearance of being an advertisement. Curiosity will lead the reader to click on the text link. Mission accomplished.

Banner advertisements

As these offer greater visibility and are a viable option for sites that already have lots of target traffic, but which are in need of more sales. A banner will draw the reader's attention to a specific item.

Prices are dependent on the size of the banner and the page selected.

Home Page

Obviously this is the most prominent and therefore most expensive way to advertise on this site. The time period of display can be from one month upwards to a year.

Prices subject to negotiation.

Please use the form below to discuss your advertising requirements.

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