Unusual Ways to Make Money

What a wonderful combination - home, time, and money. Choose your route to suit your capabilities.

Let’s face it, there are now more and more pressures on our finances that making money at home is now feasible.

Everyone seems to be dipping their hands into our pockets.

We can only stretch our cash so far, and then just like an elastic band – snap - something has to give! Now is the time to make use of these unusual ways to make money.

Unusual ways to make money follows the purpose of this site. It is pursues to the subject of saving both money and time.

Now we are developing our thoughts and will also be showing you our unusual ways to make money

"You cannot determine how long you will live,
but you can determine how well you will live."

Jim Rohn and Chris Widener in Twelve Pillars.

After you have read the FREE Report (and there are no catches here) you may well be inspired to start your own business and and start making money at home. The Report gives basic ideas for starting your own business.

This is what we are about to expand – working from home. To secure your copy of the FREE report click here scroll down to No. 6 and place your order.

After you have read the FREE Report, it is interesting and rewarding to move on to the full Manual.

This contains 87 pages giving details of setting up any one of 40 small businesses and making money at home – even down to suggesting a name for your chosen enterprise - plus plenty more unusual ways to make money. It can be done!

Each business has a low start up cost from £20-£50. There is also one business for your children to start. Maybe this will set them on the road to building their own commercial empire. they will also benefit from these unusual ways to make money.

The Manual is quite literally a 'hold-your-hand-guide' to starting up a small business from home.

Taking into consideration the increase in the rate of unemployment,
the Full edition is now available FREE
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One of the businesses that is not mentioned in our Ultimate Business Manual is a Mobile Hairdresser, this is because it has already been done many times before and there are now probably hundreds of ladies engaged in this occupation.

Briefly it is easy to see where the cash is made on this home enterprise. Very low overheads, only the car/tax/petrol, a mobile telephone connection, and usual hairdressing equipment, scissors, hair dryer etc. It includes the use of the customer's premises, electricity plus hot water and even towels are available if you are a canny operator. Then you will probably be offered the usual cup of tea. Life is good running your own business.

It is possible to repeat this style of operating in other businesses mentioned in our book. Also, just use our unusual ways to make money tips.

If you are a canny entrepreneur, another totally different source of self-employed income is to form your own 'temporary staff' network. Depending on the nature of your own job you may well be able to expand your empire.

1. For instance, if you are a cleaner there are bound to be demands from other ladies or businesses for staff. Use this to your advantage. Why not set up a small agency of your own? When you are making money at home you will find this gives you a great sense of satisfaction and freedom.

2. During holiday periods, Christmas or 'Sales' times, check whether temporary staff are required. Visit stores to check their requirements. This could be day-time working or evening, i.e., shelf stacking etc. Nothing ventured, nothing gained.

This type of work extends far beyond shopping malls and supermarkets, such as restaurants, public houses, caterers, packers etc.

3. Also, this is a great way to test drive a job that may be interesting to you as a permanent position.

Once you have started in this shadow industry you will see what is needed and how firms operate. Find some like minded people in need of extra cash who you may call on at short notice, and you have the nucleus of a small 'Part Time Workers' Agency'.

In the full Manual you will find details of how to operate using other people as members of your 'staff'. This is covered in the Domestic Cleaners section.

One of the rules in being successfully self-employed it to learn the importance of saying the word 'Yes'.

Yes, you can do what is asked of you - even if you have to do some very rapid research on the subject. Think positive and you will probably able to do 'the impossible'. This is an excellent point to remember when using our unusual ways to make money tips.

Another good rule is to smile, to be polite no matter what you may personally think of your potential customer.

Above all, retain your good judgement when 'propositions' are put before you. Your sixth sense often needs to come into play and you may have to ask yourself 'Is this deal right for me?'

Be prepared to work hard. Business life seems to come to a temporary halt over the now, long extended Christmas/New Year holiday. Take up the slack to your advantage. Work when others are still slouching. You will be the winner. Use our unusual ways to make money and you won't go wrong.

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