The cost of wind farms.

by Anonymous

Ofgen, the energy regulator (UK) will next month publish a report showing that there is a hidden levy whereby customers are paying more than £1bn. per year to finance these wind farms.

It means that renewable energy added an estimated £13.50 to the average household bill for last year. The Ofgen report will further show that over the past three years these subsidies have added a total of £32.50 to household bills.

According to Ofgen calculations the cost to consumers of the scheme between 2002 and 2027 will amount of £32bn.

There are currently 270 wind farms with 2,775 turbines in operation, with plans for a further 10,000 turbines on and around Britain's shores.

Are they worth it both in terms of expense and eyesores to the consumer? Surely there is another way to provide power.

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Sep 23, 2015
Wind farms NEW
by: Anonymous

I have always thought wind turbines were a source of money for the builders etc. with no regards for the output they can/cannot produce.

Why not just have a couple of coal fired power stations to do the job of all these spurious wind farms? Does anyone seriously believe these would make any difference with their emissions when taking into consideration all the emissions generated when manufacturing/erecting the wind farms?

Sep 17, 2015
Farooq NEW
by: Anonymous

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May 29, 2010
scottish borders
by: Anonymous

At first I was fully behind wind turbines and the cleaner way of making electric. I could'nt understand why people disliked the sight of them.
But now we are becoming surrounded by them you find it hard to see the beauty of the scottish hills due to the flicker of a rotor on every top hill.
It is like living on the set of the film war of the worlds.

As for creating any local income, I know of not one local who has gained a steady job out of them. house prices are affected and I have even heard of rumours of using radioactive material in the base pads to kill off the peat so that the turbines dont sink.

May 04, 2010
by: Anonymous

Oh how right you are. I wonder how long it will take the politicians to realise this simple fact.

May 04, 2010
Paying through the nose - twice
by: Robert Crosbie

At the expense of possibly opening up a huge can of worms, I would say that unless one is a Green fanatic, one will be aware that at the end of the day, windfarms are all about money, not power.
What many will not be so aware of, however, is that when it comes to power from windfarms you are paying for your electricity not once but twice. Not only are you paying for the (intermittent) power from turbines, but you are also footing the bill for keeping conventional sources on standby ready to kick in when wind speeds get too high or too low.

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