Teacher confounded.

by Eve

When my first daughter started school, I was told at the end of the first term that she was a 'funny little thing' and 'was not ready for reading'.

It felt as though I was being told my daughter was mentally deficient - which she certainly was not.

I immediately bought a 'Janet and John' reading book (swiftly followed by several others in the series) and taugher her to read. By the time school resumed after the long summer holiday, she was an excellent reader. By the time she was seven years old she could read from The Daily Telegraph (which is the one you recommend). Her sister followed in her footsteps exactly the same way.

It just requires a little patience on the part of the parent. This, in my opinion, makes all the difference.

Thanks for the article, it was great.

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Jan 17, 2011
Triumph over adversity
by: Diana

Quite an achievement Chrissie. Very well done and congratulations.

Your comment adds weight to the original page. The ability to read is just about the greatest gift you can give your children. With this skill they can go on to greater things.

Jan 07, 2011
Absolutely Amazing
by: Chrissie Manfredi

I enjoyed reading this,and WELL DONE you. I am sure you are very proud of what she and her sister have achieved thanks to your patient time sacrifice and effort. That's amazing!

Proof that schools are sadly lacking in so much and have a long long way to go before we should trust what they say. I had similar problems with 2 of my 3 children when they were young.(they are late teens now)

Like yours, my children are intelligent and have talents that perhaps they would not have developed had it not been for my husband and my insistence to "work with what they have"- rather than "what they were labelled with as "don't"

Both classed as "special needs" namely dyslexia and both of them aditionally have the mild form of autism "high functioning asperger syndrome." Out of the 3 of them the worst affected went on to art colledge and successfully completed 3 years training. Yet she still has difficulty reading with short term memory lapses and other problems including serious dehabilitating mental health issues and disabilities but that has never stopped her from trying her best never giving up and reaching her potential as best she could.

Teachers do not know- they haven't always the proper or enough time care or resources to teach the so called "underachievers" and they are all lumped unsatisfactorily under the same catagory.

Without parental guidance,love, patience, support and emotional and physical and financial back up I know neither of them would be able to read or write. It is a disgrace and a travesty how far our schools standards have dropped and how large the modern classroom has become thanks to government cutbacks it will only become worse.

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