Stock Market Investing Explained
Avoid The Road to Disaster

Dear Potential Investor,

'Stock Market Investing Explained' or Avoiding the Road to Disaster and is intended for two different types of investor.

First of all for the person who wants to start investing on the Stockmarket and who would like to have everything explained.

Secondly, for the person who has a degree of expertise, but who has not yet met with success and is looking for help in avoiding losses and getting some money stacked away.

So, if you wish to learn how to minimise the risk of losing money and concentrate on making it, we have the book for you - Stock Market Investing Explained.

The sub-title of this book is ‘How to Avoid the Road to Disaster’ which is probably more appropriate.

For months the author dreamed of investing and eventually took the plunge. Unfortunately it was a plunge taken with hardly any planning, and what planning was done was totally irrational. Just like diving off the top board into two inches of water. Thud!

Only a very few shares made a profit, and the author managed to loose money. Stupid, yes I agree. However, despite this, the burning desire to invest and make money on the Stock Market did not go away, so a decision was made.

This was - be sensible, study, think and think again before trying a second dive. This time making sure there was sufficient water (knowledge) in the pool before taking another plunge.

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The book - Successful Stock Market Investing Explained - is the result of that studying. The author pulled herself up by the boot strings and this time with totally different results. Thank goodness the Stock Market is now a much more friendly place.

Yes, a few small and rare losses were made, but NO method can prevent you from ever losing money.
This one can lessen any losses because of the numerous safety checks that have been put in place.

Yes, it does work with the most notable recent success showing a profit of just under 290% - yes, that is correct. The share in question is YOU (YouGov) - check it out. Other recent success have been TLW (Tullow Oil) and VPC (Venture Production) both with profits of over 100%. You can readily check all these shares out.

Update: TLW - Tullow Oil was removed from the portfolio following a substantial price fall, but an excellent profit taken. YOU and VPCV also having been sold off at a very good profit.

This is not a fly-by-night scheme - there are enough of those around already. This is an honest idea for Stock Market investing explained that became a reality and is the result of months of hard studying and years of putting it into practice with very pleasing results.

Whilst not wishing to be sexist, statistics prove that women are good investors - they approach the situation with more caution and less of a gung-ho attitude than men. Probably not as exciting as the male approach but it works, so what the heck!

From: Alan Gold - Thaxted. UK.

Jo is like a ferret in the way she unearths stocks that are a good punt. She also STOPS the LOSSES.

Jo maintains any fool can lose money - it takes a wise man to make it.

Being very sexist - here is a woman who, for once - has got it right.

Read her book - Stock Market Investing Explained - and find out how she makes her money.

Just one of the many tips contained in this book will save you the price of the book many times over. Can you afford not to buy?

I am a business lady who has evolved and put this system to exceedingly good use, and I want you to be amazed with this easy, successful technique as I am.

Successful Stock Market Investing Explained is priced at £9.99

This book Successful Stock Market Investing Explained is like having a trusted friend sit by your side whilst you are making your decisions.

You will notice that no outlandish claims have been made regarding the amounts of money made - that is for me and the tax man alone to know - but you can see from the actual percentages of the shares specifically named and by checking the charts shown in the book how this has been done. This will allow you to satisfy yourself regarding my claims. You will need to track back to a time before the recent market crash.

I feel confident that you will be pleased with the potential of this book and the results you can achieve by using it.

Good luck and don't forget to set the stop/loss figures.

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