Start A New Life

How many times have you thought you should Start A New Life?

If it is not possible, perhaps something not quite not so drastic – maybe – add a new interest or dimension to your life?

If you are nearing retirement age, this can become increasingly important.

Don't vegetate - live your life to the full, remember life is not a rehearsal.

The late Alan Bloom (Bloom's Nursery of Bressingham, Norfolk before the takeover) always said he 'found himself' when he reached 80 years young! He was known for his long grey hair and golden earing. He died at the age of 98.

Get out and about or go under.

So, whether it is to start a new life, add a dimension or add an interest, you may well find something here to interest you or help find your solution.

From a new job, new interest to new friends - most are within your reach on this page.

View this page as a jumping-off platform. Take advantage of the opportunity presented to you. To save you time, save money and save frustration, take a look at the following sites to help you start a new life.

1. No matter where you live in the UK, you're probably never very far from some picture postcard scenery. Get out and explore with this guide to some of the best walks in our national parks. They're all rated by difficulty, so you won't find yourself tumbling down cliffs if you just fancy a short stroll before lunch.

2. Our American guests might like to try America's Walking. This is a great site that offers information and hopefully, inspiration for those who want to start a daily walking habit and live a more active life. A large enough country to start a new life in. Plenty of wide open spaces.

3. It's all very well doing 200 sit-ups a day if you're letting your brain take-a-break at the same time. Make good use of your local library (if you still have one). Make a point of doing the daily crossword in your newspaper. In other words, give your brain a work-out as well as your body. Sudoku is another way of stimulating your brain.

Maybe Brain Training will shed some light on the problem. Perhaps a daily walk or regular exercise is the clue you are seeking.

4. You have probably thought of delving into your past but lacked the wherewithall. This archive is the perfect starting point as you can search through every national census from 1841 to 1901 for free. Once you discover your long-lost relatives, just pay a small fee to download a copy of the original documents. Your Past History. Find out just who your great, great grandfather was and where he was born. Start a new life and find out who you really are.

5. Game shows. OK. OK. Cheesy rubbish, maybe, but if you appear on them you stand a chance of walking away several thousand pounds richer. Does the idea appeal? The trick is getting on the shows in the first place, and that's where this site can help out, with contact details of all shows that are currently recruiting. Get on the Telly! Who knows, you may come up smelling of roses and able to start a new life!

6. Now that Pluto has been booted out of the Solar System, we’re one planet short. Grab a telescope and see if you can find another celestial body for the list. Or just enjoy the spectacular view of the sky at night.

7. Indulge your inner longings and release your inhibitions by signing up with your local amateur dramatics group. You will learn about stage craft, costumes, make-up and most of all, about acting and all that is associated with the craft.

8. Ladies. This is right up your street! Shopping's much cheaper when you don't have to pay for anything. Sadly, such behaviour normally ends with an embarrassing court appearance – unless you're a Mystery Shopper.

Sign up and you get your purchases paid for, just for giving your opinion on the service of the staff. Become a Mystery Shopper.

You could also try More Mystery Shoppers but this particular site is for UK visitors only. Take your pick according to where you live.

Custom Search

9. Earn yourself a warm inner glow by giving up some of your free time for charity. Now fashionably termed - putting something back into society. Two deserving causes that spring to mind are Crisis at Christmas and Combat Stress which is the UK's leading military charity specialising in the care of Veterans' mental health.

These sites will give you an insight into what is going on in the world and may well enable you to add a new dimension to your life.

10. In case you have not come across this one before Freecycle, then once you finally get around to giving the garage that long overdue clearout, pop on here before driving down the tip.

Freecycle can put you in touch with people who can make use of your old clutter – so you can give it away rather than binning it. Save yourself the bother and do someone a favour. Then you can really feel virtuous. You may not start a new life, but you will have off-loaded your junk. One man's junk is another man's treasure.

There are also two other sites that have been recommended to us by one of our readers:

First of all Music Magpie, and then there is OnRecycle, Both for the electronically minded person.

11. Drag yourself away from the telly one night a week, stop being a couch potato. Get out and you could have a brand new qualification within a few months.

It doesn't have to be anything hugely in-depth, just see what your local authority has to offer in the way of evening classes. You should be able broaden your horizon this way!

12. Oh, to be in Britain in the winter. If you fancy escaping the sad weather without spending a fortune on foreign hotels, a house swap is the way forward. If you go to Save on Holidays it is possible to make your pipe dream holiday come true. Go to another world and start a new life for a short time. Or maybe this one might light your particular fuse.

13. Sadly, most people give up learning a foreign language after leaving school. This BBC project is designed to make picking up a new lingo simple and enjoyable, with bite-size lessons you can return to whenever you have the time. Games, downloads and video clips combine to make it easy and fun. Languages covered include Spanish, German, French and even Chinese. Learn a Language.

Come on - Start a New Life - do something - before it's too late!

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