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Dear Potential Money Maker,

Let us show you how to make spare room money and come up smelling of roses.

Why not make a really good income from your home instead of leaving it half empty? Why not run a Bed and Breakfast business?

Many people contemplate running a Bed and Breakfast business for a variety of reasons. These can include - a long held dream - the company of other people and the possible friendship that such a venture can bring.

In my case it was a combination of making spare room money after the youngsters had moved out plus capitalising on assets, that started my journey down the bed and breakfast road. What is the point of having empty rooms in your house when any building is much better when it is occupied and used?

The financial benefit is very rewarding. Try never to turn money away. Why not run a Bed and Breakfast business?

You will need to assess your situation and your location. 'Running a Successful Bed and Breakfast Venture' tells you exactly how to go about things.

Learn how to:

Equip your home in the most cost effective way.
Buy wisely and make top dollar.
Advertise mainly for free.
Go up market and charge for your service.
Make sure your guests want to return time and time again.
Avoid unwanted guests etc. etc.

You will have the full use of my experience over 13 years in the Bed and Breakfast business at your disposal. I will also tell you about some of my more amusing guests and also some of the not so amusing ones, and how I dealt with them. You can learn a lot about people here.

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At the end of this there is, of course, the benefit of smiling and taking the spare room money. The secret is to come up smelling of roses and this book will tell you all you need to know about the Bed and Breakfast business. How to keep your guests happy while you make the cash. Easy, once you know how!

This eBook, written after thirteen years in the Bed and Breakfast business really is full of informative, no nonsense information which is essential to any well run, money-making successful business.

'Running A Successful Bed and Breakfast Venture'

This book is not just about cash, it emphasises how to take care of your guests so that they will want to return time and time again.

In buying this book you can rest assured that you have sought out the best and that you will have peace of mind knowing this.

The cost of the book is now just £9.99 and that is one heck of a reasonable price.

Buy on line - it's quite safe this way - and we would love to hear from you.

There are other courses and books on the Internet from £57 to £79 and on to a staggering £129.

I am totally convinced that this eBook is worth every penny because of all the research and information it contains, and the clear and well laid out instructions. It will help your operation run like clockwork and make earning your spare room money much more simple!

The price of this book 'Running a Successful Bed and Breakfast Venture' will not get any cheaper.

If this book had been around when I started my Bed and Breakfast business my task would have been a hundred times easier!
What a wonderful thing hindsight is.

Best of luck.

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