Soothing Tired Feet

It makes good sense to be soothing tired feet. If you do not take care of your feet, there are many ailments that can overtake them.

How many times have you thought 'Oh, my poor tired feet'?

When your feet are tired this will show on your face.

A lot can be avoided by simple care and a little consideration, thought and perhaps soothing tired feet is the answer to a lot of other problems.

When your feet let you down, you really are in trouble. A little TLC is probably all they need.

Starting with the correct type and size shoe:


Give preference to leather shoes, because like your skin, it breathes and moulds to the shape of your foot.

Vary the height of the heels you wear so that although high heels are fun, try alternating with a flatter heel for walking. High heels run the risk of cramping the toes and changing the body posture. They can also cause hard skin at the rear of the foot, by the ankle. Also they will create 'tired feet'. Maybe it is time to consider soothing tired feet.

Make sure you get the right fit. Only you can know this. If they aren’t comfortable don’t buy them. The best time to buy shoes is late afternoon as your feet should be at their largest then. Allow wriggle-room for your toes.

Children and shoes.

For fast growing children a good canvas shoe is the cheaper option to leather.

It is often difficult to tell whether you are getting the best fit for your child’s foot.

Check this by standing the child on a piece of paper and carefully trace around the foot with a pencil.

Cut the resulting shape out and place it on the sole (bottom of the shoe) they are wearing or the shoe you are about to buy.

This should give you a very good guide and should also stop them from experiencing tired feet and general discomfort. Soothing tired feet could also save you additional expense.

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Simple foot care tips

Keep your feet clean. A daily wash, shower or bath will do nicely.

Keep the nails trimmed. An emery board is ideal for this task and should be used every three or four days. Use in a repetitive, backward and downward movement. Don't drag the emery board upwards towards you.

Sometimes uncomfortable toes can be helped by brushing up and down along the side of the toe-nail with a soft nail brush. Do this when you are in the bath or shower. It stops the nail creating pressure on the skin.

Change your socks or tights every day. Don’t wear socks that are too tight.

If you wear an extra pair of socks in the winter for warmth, make sure your boots or shoes can cope with this extra layer. Many people have squeezed their feet into either boots or shoes that cannot cope. This will cause damage due to the toes being in a cramped position.

Moisten and massage the soles will act in soothing tired feet. Use a good good cream. Tip.1

These may all seem obvious and elementary statements to make, but it is a pity how many people neglect follow them because the benefits are so great.

Foot Ailments

There are several ailments to which your feet are susceptible:

Bunions, Corns and Seed Corns, Calluses, Hammer Toes, Ingrown toe nails,
Verrucas and Warts to name but a few.

These will probably require the services of a Chiropodist.

Your doctor or pharmacist will probably be able to give you advice on Athletes Foot.

There is also Nail Fungus which is unpleasant and distorts the nail. Check with your chiropodist and he/she may well recommend Phytex Paint. This is an excellent product, easy to apply and far cheaper than other heavily advertised products.

The following two paragraphs are reprinted here for your convenience and guidance.

There are several professional bodies governing and teaching Chiropody in the UK so by choosing a State Registered Chiropodist you are assured of receiving the highest standard of professional treatment from a Professional who has attended a fulltime 4-year course.

Chiropodists or Podiatrists specialise in assessing, diagnosing and treating abnormalities and diseases of the lower limb. They are trained to alleviate, prevent and correct these disorders and provide professional advice on proper foot care to patients of all ages and walks of life.

Therefore, please satisfy yourself regarding the capability and reliability of anyone you choose for foot care before proceeding. Word of mouth can be a good source of information.

By soothing tired feet you will probably find
your poor tired feet will 'disappear'.
You will also save money.

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