Short Cheap Holidays

Do short cheap holidays appeal to you more than perhaps a week, ten day or two week holiday?

Maybe your budget would be grateful. If so, read on for a selection of ideas.

Most top cities offer week-end breaks but those offered by the larger hotels can be quite expensive.

For example one top five star hotel in London has reduced their prices from £215 to £198 per person for a two night stay over a weekend.

Therefore to save money on short cheap holiday breaks it will be necessary to move down the scale and look for accommodation on the outskirts of any city and to concentrate on a smaller hotel or good quality bed and breakfast establishment.

Warner Leisure Hotels offer varying prices and bases for their ‘short break’ or three nights stay holiday. These breaks are for adults only.

Other hotels offer Murder Mystery weekends from £89 per person. English Inns This company covers the whole of England.

Amongst others offering short cheap holiday breaks are Thomas Cook, Center Parcs and There are literally hundreds of hotels touting for your custom and it amounts to your budget and personal choice.

The countryside offers a large selection of good accommodation.

Custom Search

At East Devon Guide it is possible to take a look around and select a small hotel or cottage and to learn more about the surrounding area.

If you are looking for bed and breakfast accommodation in Scotland B and Bs in Scotland is a good starting point.

The site Visit Wales is specialising in short breaks and weekends in Wales and has very comprehensive search facilities on the site. It is easy to use and is a goldmine for finding events and attractions.

The Tourist Boards are taking their jobs very seriously indeed and the standard of their web sites is excellent.

Discover Ireland is no exception. A distinct absence of blarney, just top notch information.

All cover for most tastes including racing, surfing, climbing, walking, culture, gardens, golfing or riding. It is even possible to study English in Ireland. There must be a pun there.

Anyway, joking apart, the world is your oyster here
if you are looking for short cheap holiday breaks.

There are also some unusual holiday breaks which may also be of interest.

The owners of this web site - Save Money Guide - give no guarantee as to the reliability of any of the above listed sites, nor of any of the offers these sites may make. It is up to you to assess each Company and whether what they are offering is suitable for your own specific requirements.

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