Shed Unwanted Pounds

Is it easy to shed unwanted pounds – that is the question?

Expensive gym membership that will probably not be maintained is not the answer. We need to save money - so....

Something inexpensive, lasting and manageable needs to be found.

These are suggestions to get you moving and get rid of the unwanted pounds.

Your biggest enemy to success is negative thoughts:

I’m too busy,
It’s too cold,
It’s too hot,
I don’t have time,
I have a headache etc. etc.

Get rid of the negative thoughts and you will be able to start to shed unwanted pounds.


Walking – putting one foot in front of the other – is the easiest and cheapest way to shed unwanted pounds. No special equipment is needed. It can be done at any time either alone, with your dog or with friends. So leave the car in the garage, get off the bus one stop too soon and walk. Another very good four lettered word that we seem to have forgotten!

Technically there is no bad weather only bad clothing, so a hat and water proof jacket are an advantage in winter. Walking in gale force winds, storms, thick snow and on icy pavements and roads is not recommended. A broken limb in plaster is not the way to go.

Start gently by walking out for 15 minutes, then counting the return journey you will have successfully concluded a 30 minute walk. This is a very good starting point and should be increased as you become fitter and more confident. A brisk walk will shed unwanted pounds quicker than a leisurely stroll as you use more calories the brisker you walk. Also walking in cold weather has the same effect as you will be using calories to keep warm.

Walking can progress to jogging and running if you wish.


Zumba is a highly entertaining form of aerobics exercise. It is exercising to music which started in 1986. If you have no wish or are unable to join a local class this is a good video to watch - Zumba class and the instructor - Tanya Beardsley – has a figure to die for. No further encouragement should be necessary.

It is only necessary to watch how she twists at the waist to see how she maintains her good figure. The first section of the video, which lasts for just over 3½ minutes, is the most effective and entertaining and is easy to commit to memory. Then when you have a few spare minutes (maybe when the TV adverts are showing?) stop being a couch potato and Zumba!

It is good to see some men participating in the class - Tanya seems to be quite an inspiration.

Once you have the movements firmly planted in your mind, you will be able to perform these – which are repetitive and easy to remember – whenever you get a few spare minutes and are needing to shed unwanted pounds. Think of your figure and getting rid of those unwanted pounds becomes easier.


This problem is included here as it causes heartache to so many ladies.

An easy way to get rid of bingo wings (the excess flabby weight that some ladies develop at the top of their under-arms) is to keep two 400g. tins of beans or soup in the kitchen. Don't eat the contents but when you are waiting for a kettle to boil or the microwave to 'ping', take a tin in each hand and do either circular, up and down or sideways movements with your arms.

This will gradually firm up this excess flabby weight. Work yourself out a little routine. Just keep moving and say bye bye to Bingo Wings. Make the effort - you know you can do it.

Other forms of free exercise are skipping and using a hula hoop. Then there is swimming, table tennis, etc. which would incur some expense. But the world is your oyster when you need to shed unwanted pounds.

If you're looking to exercise with like-minded people in a way that's fun and affordable, why not check locally. There are publicly-available spaces accessible to their communities, and these bring people together in common pursuits. Whether it's zumba or pilates, ballet or salsa, there'll be a space near you where you can meet new friends and get fit in the process.

The whole essence is to MOVE.

Get up from your chair - MOVE - shed unwanted pounds.

Have patience, stick at it and you will see the results -
the disappearance of unwanted pounds.

These unwanted pounds will move all the quicker if you also adopt a good eating plan such as those listed below on Our Other Pages.
Attack the flab from all directions and make it shift.

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