Saving Water Facts

Saving water facts are essential in helping make use of this most precious of resources.

In future it is predicted water will become more sought after than oil. Man cannot live without water, but other means of power rather than oil can be found.

The following simple facts – some screamingly obvious – should help you save both water and money.

1. Most household water bills are based on the size of the house rather than the amount of water being used. Why not have a water meter fitted?

Don’t throw your hands up in horror – there are several advantages here.

The meter is fitted free of charge and if, after 12 months you change your mind, you can switch back to an unmetered supply if you wish. Most customers find that once they have tried working with the meter fitted, they stay with it.

Most people will save an average of £60 per annum once the meter is fitted. The thought of your supply being accurately monitored focuses the mind and this all helps to reduce the eventual charge you pay for water.

A good rule of thumb to help you take a decision is if there are more bedrooms in the house than people, then a meter will probably save you money.

A useful tip - when your meter is read make sure no water is being used. If the meter is showing otherwise, you will know there is a leak somewhere.

This is the main item in our saving water facts and is well worth the experiment for twelve months. A considerable sum of money is at stake.

2. Consider using water saving devices. A small plastic bottle filled with water and placed in the toilet cistern is an excellent and cost free way of saving water.

Check that your shower head is the most efficient you can find. Go along to your local plumber’s merchant and see what is on offer. It is essential that you read the small print on any new purchase beforehand because some of the shower heads that offer restricted flow are unsuitable for power showers.

3. Surely everyone has now grasped the fact that cleaning teeth under a running tap is foolish in the extreme where expenditure is concerned? A running tap uses more than 6 litres of water per minute.

4. This also applies to washing up. Use a sink of water to wash up twice a day and your bill will be greatly reduced.

5. If you are contemplating buying a dishwasher make sure you do your homework and buy one that is economical where both water and power are concerned. If you already own a dishwasher make sure it is well filled each time it is used. If you have a slim-line washer you will probably find that half of a dishwasher tablet is sufficient for an efficient wash.

6. Have a dripping tap fixed as this can save as much as 75 litres per day. It is interesting to stand a container under the dripping tap and be prepared to be amazed at the amount that is collected.

7. Install as many water butts as possible in the garden. It is possible to rig up a system of two or three butts, each flowing into the one beside it – all from one down pipe. A roof is a very large area and the amount of water collected will be surprising. Shop around for cheap water butts. Surplus stores are a good starting base. This linked butt system is a great money saver from these saving water facts and may well be a life saver for your garden in the summer.

If you do use a hose, fit a trigger device and control the water to go where it is needed. A sprinkler device is a thirsty invention.

8. A syphon attachment would be needed if you use ‘grey’ water, i.e. from the bath to water your plants or clean the patio. Better still, have a shower.

Take a good look at your water consumption, put these Saving Water Facts into operation and feel the difference in your bank balance.

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