Save Money With WD40


Here we offer you a selection of tips to save you money, time and effort.

All have been collected from various sources and are based on WD40.

Some have been tried with excellent results, some sound a trifle wacky.

So as with all new tips, proceed with caution and use your own good, common sense.

From old 78 gramaphone records to squeeky hinges - and all stations in between - it makes very interesting reading.

1. Restore those vintage 78’s and long playing records. Sounds strange! Or maybe strange sounds? Just squirt WD40 on to a soft, lint free cloth and rub gently over those old grooves and listen to the difference it makes.Tip.8 Save the strain on your ears.

2. Lubricate castors Avoid the daily grind, free up the castors on your office chair with a quick spray of the magic formula.

3. WD40 will remove crayon marks from tiles, work surfaces and computer screens.

4. This one is for the keen gardener. Protect your lawnmower, secateurs or shears and other favourite gardening tools with a quick spray of WD 40 before they are stored away for the winter. This will save you unnecessary time and expense in the Spring. For more money saving tips on plants etc., go to Gardening Tips.

5. Silence any of children’s toys that have squeaky wheels with a quick spray of WD 40.

6. If you have a decanter or anything else with a glass stopper and cannot shift the stopper, try easing it a little with WD 40.

7. Grey squirrels can be a total pest when they try to climb onto bird tables. This is a nutty story but true – WD40 has been sprayed on the pole of the bird table making it too slippery for the pilfering squirrels to climb. A photograph would have been lovely!

8. Protect your power tools. Don’t let your chuck get stuck. WD40 keeps it moving without the oily mess and will save y our temper!.

9. If your key won’t budge in the door lock, try WD40.

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10. If you are using a vacuum cleaner with a retractable cable and it is refusing to move, just make a gentle application of WD40 for improved results.

11. On your car – from rusty nuts to other stubborn parts – use WD40.

12. If your shower is reduced to a pathetic trickle, try WD40 to loosen the lime scale.

13. A quick spray of WD40 on drawer runners should ease the problem.

14. WD40 will clean and protect your bike from rust.

15. Does your computer printer keep jamming? Don't lose your temper and kick or thump it.
Neither will do any good. Try spraying some WD40 on a sheet of paper and run it through the printer.
It should glide through with ease.

16. WD40 will lubricate precision mechanisms such as model trains and cuckoo clocks. Unlike oil, it will not attract dirt.

17. As well as lubricating and protecting fishing reels, WD40 can be sprayed on bait with excellent results. This has been proven, strange though it may seem.

18. No scrubbing or scouring – use WD40 on stainless steel sinks that have a problem.

19. WD40 will remove adhesive labels – it dissolves the sticky stuff!

20. Keep WD40 below decks and use it to lubricate all moving parts on your boat and protect exposed parts from the corrosive effects of sea salt.

21. Use WD40 for keeping stainless steel cooking hobs spic and span.

22. Does your metal curtain pole squeak as the metal rings run along it? Spray some WD40 on to a cloth and carefully rub this all over the curtain rail. Don't try and spray directly on to the rail, you will probably spray on to the wall or the curtains!

23. For squeaky door hinges - particularly those on the newer type plastic doors - a quick spray with WD.40 will get rid of the noise.

These tips will hopefully help you to save money, time and effort.

All of the above WD40 tips come from various sources, and no guarantee can be given regarding their efficacy.
It is a question of experimenting.

Have we covered everything? Let us know.

Do you know of a good WD40 tip?

Why not pass it on to us via the

Contact Me page

then we will pass it on to our other readers.

Full Credit will be given to you.

Thank you.

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