Save Water The Easy Way

Are you thinking of 'going green'? Then you need to save water the easy way.

If your house is on a water meter, the need to save water becomes even more important.

Think of your pocket as well as the environment and you will do just fine!

If you are not sure how hard your water supply is go to Test for water hardness, just enter your postcode and you will get an instant result.

For our UK readers, if your water supplier is listed here these companies are offering a FREE water saving devices to put in your toilet cistern.

Take advantage of their offer and learn how to save water.

Water Companies

Anglian Water,
Cambridge Water,
Folkestone and Dover Water Services,
Southern Water,
Essex and Suffolk Water,
Portsmouth Water,
South Staffordshire Water,
South West Water,
Tendring Hundred Water,
Thames Water and
Unitied Utilites.

How to save water has now become an important issue. With the increased population in this country, no matter how much rainfall we seem to have in the winter months, come summer there always seems to be a shortage of water.

Here are some tips to show you how to save water the easy way.

Many households are now using a water meter and with this in mind, the following tips help you to focus.

1. If your water company is not listed above, To save water don't put a brick in the water cistern. Over time these can start to disintegrate and cause problems that will probably cost you money. A small plastic bottle filled with water is a better idea.

2. Install a water butt or two in the garden and use a watering can. Heavy work carrying a full watering can - yes, but think of it as good for the figure. Take a look at The Gardening Diary and in particular the entry for June, 2010 and also Tip 6 below.

3. During a dry period the grass will be slower to grow, so less mowing. Think positive – one less job. In any case let your grass grow longer during a dry period, it will wear better. Even when it looks like the scorched earth policy, it is surprising how quickly it will recover with the first drop of rain. Don't worry about it, this is how you save water the easy way.

4. Hoe the soil in your garden to get rid of weeds, so leaving any moisture in the soil for the plants that need it – not the weeds.

5. Add a mulch to your soil. Use home-made compost if you have it. This will keep the sun off the soil and help the soil retain the moisture. Think - save water the easy way.

6. Water your garden once a week. Plants that droop under the hot sun will recover as soon as it gets cooler in the evening. Do the watering during the coolest part of the day.

7. Learn how to save water in the garden - get a water butt – or two – they can be linked together with a small run of plastic hose. You will be able to use the collected rainwater on the garden. Search around locally for ‘Surplus’ stores that often buy in containers that have previously been used to transport Olives from the Mediterranean countries. These are much cheaper than the branded water butts. Save money and save water the easy way.

8. Report any leaks you see by calling your local water board. It seems pointless these water boards imposing bans when they are allowing leaks in their own system. Maybe these companies should learn how to save water the easy way!

Now to tackle the inside of the house:

9. Don't clean your teeth with the tap constantly running. Be economical here and save water the easy way.

10. Take a refreshing shower instead of a bath. The saving is obvious both from the electricity in heating the water and the amount of water used. No matter how great the temptation, try not to linger too long as every minute cut off the timing of your daily shower could save between £5-10 per year on your energy bills too. Remember, this page is all about how to save water the easy way.

Be like the Japanese who consider it wrong to sit in their own dirty water in the bath. Unfortunately, some of the Japanese take this literally and instead of taking a shower, leave the water running constantly whilst they are in the bath. At least one London hotel room has been flooded in this way!

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11. Keep a container of water in the fridge so that a chilled supply is always available. If you use an ‘old’ water bottle from one of the popular companies, then the implied message to your family is that they are still getting their favourite water. No need to tell them, but this is the easy way to save money.

12. Make sure you have a full washing machine or dishwasher load each time before you switch on.

13. Replace the washer in a dripping tap. One tap could waste as much as 90 litres of water a week. If it is a hot water tap, fixing the leak could also save £18 a year on your bills too. If there is a delay in this simple repair leave a jug or bowl under the drip and make good use of the water you collect.

14. Use the fish tank water for your plants when you are cleaning it out. It is rich in nitrogen and phosphorus, which makes excellent fertilizer, so a double bonus here.

15. Only fill the kettle with as much water as you need. Make sure the element is covered.

So, as with every venture - do your own research. This site is regularly updated and new tips are constantly being added to help you.

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