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Do you want to save money? After a divorce, many moons ago, I was left with two young daughters still needing support and a house to pay for. I held down three different jobs at the same time and seemed to be working a 24-hour day. The need to save money was all important.

My attitude to money has meant that I survived, did not get into debt and can now live well - even in this current credit squeeze.

Not getting into debt was a close call at times. I did not take out a credit card realising that this could scupper my budget.

A favourite joke was when opening my purse the moths flew out for a quick breath of fresh air, and then got back inside again!

If I did not have the money to pay for something, then I just went without and waited until I could afford it. I am now running my own business and am both very happy and confident of the future - but I still continue to save money.

Along the way I gathered an enormous amount of knowledge and decided to pass this on to others in the hope that they would also be helped through difficult times. The rest is history -

I now have this web site.

All that is need is some staying-power and single mindedness. Take a look at Earning Extra Income and see how it is done.

The pages on this site will show you how to save and live to a higher standard. Take advantage of all the tips that are given.

In some cases it will be just a few pence saved here and there, but the overall result is that these pennies soon mount up into pounds. You are on the road to success.

Don't hold a pity party, make it a success celebration instead.

If you have any comments regarding this site or would like to pass on a handy tip or two, please feel free to write to me via the Contact Me page - I would love to hear from you.

Stick at it. It can be done.

Since starting this site, one of our tips has been used on the Radio 4, You and Yours programme. The Daily Telegraph featured our Credit Crunch Christmas page in an article and ten varied tips were published in the EADT 'Suffolk' magazine (May, 2011) as a featured page. In addition a full page article in Village People magazine, which is curculated throughout East Anglia, featured many tips from this site.

I have succeeded and so can you.

With every good wish from - Jo Withey

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