Running A Bed and Breakfast Business

Running a bed and breakfast business is a way having the best of both worlds.

Working from home with no travelling expenses, running your own business and pocketing all the profits is to be highly recommended.

You dictate the terms.

Whenever you feel over-worked - and in this business it is likely - you can always regulate the number of guests you take.

Making and saving money became almost the sole reason for being when the Web Master of this site started a bed and breakfast business - there was a lot at stake.

The eventual result was a book on the subject.

Taking the main subjects one by one -


The whole point of starting a business is to make money.

Never lose sight of this objective.

No business, large or small, can afford a leakage of cash on unsuccessful schemes and operations.

Many people contemplate running such a business from their own home with the aim of making a good return on their investment. Some are successful and some make a dismal failure of the whole operation. This has recently been highlighted in the excellent TV series - 'The Hotel Inspector'.

To guard against this it is necessary to see where cash is leaking.

There are numerous expensive courses available on the Internet, but one sure way is to seek advice from someone who has already survived and profited from running a bed and breakfast business and knows how succeed.

Read our open letter to future B/B owners.

In addition our pages on how to keep out of debt and how to run your bank account the cheapest way possible are most helpful. All sensible, solid advice.


You will meet many interesting people, many of whom could have quite an impact on your life in one way or another. Some may become friends, some will open your eyes to a different and interesting part of life – most will probably be memorable for one reason or the other. Always set your own standards as to what level of trade you are seeking.


Amongst many things the book will show you is how to become selective about whom you admit to your home/business. Literally how to sort out the rough from the smooth! If your prospective guest telephones you regarding a booking, you will soon be able to tell after the first sentence whether this is the type of person you would wish to admit to your home.

The author made a fantastic success of running a bed and breakfast business and she enjoyed taking the money while running it.

She found out how to ‘lift’ her house as far as décor was concerned to achieve maximum effect plus a coordinated and exclusive look at minimum cost; how to advertise in the most effective and cheapest way. Advertising can be a serious drain your budget unless carefully watched, etc.

You can even learn how to advertise for FREE. Learn the tips and tricks of the trade.

Custom Search

Economy is also possible on food, without guests even realising what is going on.

Learn how to present a fantastic breakfast whilst operating portion control. See the page on vegetable gardening. If you have any spare produce this will not only enhance your reputation but also influence your budget.

The writer specialised in free range eggs which were very much appreciated by her bed and breakfast accommodation guests. Salesman image

Give guests exactly what they are expecting and more, presented in a way that emphasises the quality of the food you are serving in quality surroundings.

They will be beating their way back to your table, time after time, after time!

However the author recognizes that if she had had all the information she acquired along the way right at the start of her venture in running a bed and breakfast business, then her task would have been so much easier. Hindsight is a wonderful thing!

This is where you have an advantage.

This book is not only about running a bed and breakfast business, it also contains all the information covered above but in great detail.

In addition it features a chapter recounting some of the more interesting guests who passed through the Barnaby Farm Guest House and those whom, perhaps, you might wish to avoid.

Learn how this is tactfully done. Learn how to make money - and plenty of it.

All this knowledge and experience is available to you for just £9.99

Read, learn and enjoy.

This book will be sent to you in PDF format for instant downloading.

There are more pages on the subject of working from home plus the follow up

page on the same subject.

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