Quicker Ways to Make Money

For some Quicker Ways to Make Money - read on

It is a case of – needs must when the devil drives.

This particular devil being the present, dreadful state of the economy.

Below are some thoughts along with some unusual web sites which may or may not reflect these thoughts and the need for quick action.

In most cases the owners of these sites have been inspired to change direction in their careers and have found other quicker ways to make money.

They may or may not inspire you, depending on your taste, but they will at least show you what is available out there and what can be done. Maybe a one-man-band, or a business that has developed and gone forward to greater things having found quicker ways to make money

In all these cases a web site has been the mover and shaker.

To be absolutely blunt, if you are going to establish a business from home, you need a web site.

You have two choices here.

You can rush around getting a Web Site Designer, then a 'Domain' (your email address) closely followed by a Web Host.

Each of these brings their own bill and problems. Two at least have to be renewed annually. You need this like a hole in the head!

After sorting that lot out, you then have the difficult business of physically 'building' your site, OR you can try Site Build It This is the system that was used to build this web site and some of those below. This company delivers the whole package and then helps you every step of the way.

Speaking from personal experience the tuition is excellent and the holding-your-hand service - also know as - Support, is first class.

This company often have special offers available, and at the time of writing are offering a monthly ‘connection/setting up/tuition/holding-your-hand service’ at $29.99 per month. This is a special offer instead of the usual annual fee. In addition there is now a 90 day money-back-guarantee.

Another of the quicker ways to make money

It is well to remember that your web site is literally your ‘business/calling card'. You have just three seconds to create a good impression when applying for a job interview - the same applies here. A well presented web site will not only assist you in ways of making money but also make it easier.

Amongst the deep and profound statements made, the following are so apt:

"You cannot determine how long you will live,
but you can determine how well you will live."

Jim Rohn and Chris Widener in Twelve Pillars.

Custom Search

"Be restless, never be satisfied and push on".

Sir Terry Leahy, Retired CEO Tesco Supermarkets

Sir Terry certainly has quicker ways to make money, therefore it must be presumed he knows what he is talking about - push on.

The following three people are certainly pushing on:

1. www.lookgreat-loseweight-savemoney.com
All the flowers of tomorrow are in the seeds of today.

Circumstances forced this lady to be a stay-at-home mum and make her living. Her skills in beauty and hairdressing are now available as an on-line business. This business is a success. So much so that the owner is now looking to build another web site to promote a second business. She will be using SBI. This lady has spotted one of the quicker ways to make money.

2. www.my-chicken-house.com/index.html

This site is very appropriately named. Learn how it is possible to be self-sufficient in eggs via the experience of others. Just everything for the owner of backyard chickens, from choosing the right house for your brood and the right suppliers. Another lady who has spotted quicker ways to make money.

3. www.allotment.org.uk

This site is best described as a gigantic Aladdin's Cave - everything and anything for anyone growing vegetables. Half-an-hour is easily spent browsing around and learning all about vegetable growing. From how to grow the veg and then how to make use of them in fantastic recipes.

Do you run your own business?
Would you like to appear here for free?
It may well attract even more business for you.
Why not contact us?

In business, visibility is the key to success.

What will tomorrow bring? That is up to you.

The above sites are not necessarily quicker ways to make money but they are definitely winners in that everyone can progress at their own particular speed and in their own particular chosen direction. Well handled these sites do and will continue to make money.

According to Eric Schmidt, Executive Chairman of Google,

‘Only the largest and wealthiest companies can afford to advertise on television, but any company (anyone) can build a brand online.’

Why not take your opportunity? Make your own job. The Internet is the path to prosperity.

These are just a small sample. Hopefully these will stir thoughts that will kick-start a business for you to run and give ideas for ways of making money.

Many of the ideas are the creation of one person, but all have one thing in common - initiative, drive and the will to succeed. All the sites have their own story to tell. Be inspired.

This page may well also give you inspiration for a possible change of career.

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