Personal House Alarms

Why not set up your own personal house alarms?

Are you looking forward to a few days away for your summer holiday without a worry in the world – or will you be worrying the whole time about what you will find when you get back home?

Statistics tell us that burglary crime figures have fallen, but there is always the odd figure in these statistics that could be your home.

Depressing – yes, factual – yes - but not necessarily so. Try our save money ideas to protect your house and possessions.

Try the easy way - this way.

To 'up' the chances of staying safe and secure try all or at least some of the following:

1. Don’t advertise the fact that you are away. Cancel your newspaper delivery, milk and any other regular deliveries. Don’t announce the fact in your local shop, just hand the assistant a note with the instruction dates for cancellation/resuming delivers. Don’t broadcast to all and sundry how you are looking forward to soaking up the sun in Wherever.

2. If you have a friendly neighbour ask that they hang some washing out on your line to give the impression of occupancy. Do the same for her when she is away and remember to bring a small gift back from your holiday for her.

Digital timers are excellent for radios and lights. Your neighbour might even be prepared to draw and open your curtains each day. She is going to need either return services from you and/or a bumper present.

Your neighbours are the best personal arms that are available. Best of all they come free and work on a reciprocal basis.

3. When you go away on holiday, put your name and address inside your suitcase. You never know who is looking out for ‘soft touches’ to burgle. Don't give them instant, free information.

4. Hopefully you already have door and window locks installed. These are an advantage now that you will be away on holiday, but will also lessen the cost of your home insurance policy. If you have ladders and handy tools stored away in the garage or shed, make doubly sure there are sturdy locks fitted. Don’t provide intruders with gear on site. Also check your home insurance policy if you are going to be away for longer than 14 days to make sure you are covered.

5. If you are lucky enough to have some really valuable items of jewellery or paintings and porcelain bequeathed by Auntie, if these cannot be successfully hidden, ask your local bank if they provide storage facilities. Expensive items such as lap-tops and phones should be hidden from view.

It is possible to buy an indelible, invisible marking pen. Put your postcode on valuable items such as the TV. etc. The police have equipment for identifying items that are marked in this way. Also take photographs of valuable items of jewellery.

6. Mow your lawn before you set off and make sure the garden is looking tidy. If you don't do this, when you return not only will your garden look a total mess, but you will miss one of your own personal house alarms.

Can you call in a favour or two and ask a friend or neighbour to park their vehicle on your drive? Again this is an example of personal house alarms.

Also can they put your waste-bin outside on collection day and remove it when emptied. Nothing advertises the fact that you are away if the dreaded wheelie bin is parked outside for days on end. Almost like saying – Enter Please.

Admittedly none of the above will guarantee you stay safe and secure, but at least you will be in with a fighting chance with your own personal house alarms.

Enjoy your holiday.

For more information go to a private burglary system.

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