Pedigree but rescued.

by Dayna's mum

Beware of the dog!

Beware of the dog!

Dayna came to me via a long route which led back to her owner who was a breeder of German Shepherds. He no longer wanted her as the puppies she was bearing were now not suitable for his requirements. Poor dog.

Dayna arrived. I viewed her with some trepidation as she was quite a formidable specimen. I need not have worried. Previously she had lived on the stone floor of a garage, but had now graduated to her own dog basket with vet bed, in the pack porch. She also obviously approved of her new diet, therefore settled in well.

She was to give me 6 years of devoted service as a guard dog. She showed no fear or favour to anyone who tried to enter the premises, but at the same time doing them no harm. Her very presence was enough of a warning - she towered over our five-bar gate.

Unfortunately Dayna was to die very suddenly of natural causes with only 1 1/2 hours notice of impending doom. This was undoubtedly best for both of us - we were best mates!

Dayna was a pedigree dog, but no longer wanted, so to me she was a much loved rescued dog - never to be forgotten.

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Oct 27, 2009
Bryn AKA Wonky Dog
by: Jane

I took in a young Welsh Collie rescued from the dog pound on his last hour, he was about 4 1/2 months old at the time. Living in Wales we wanted a short collie type name that was also Welsh so he was immediately named Bryn. His nickname was Wonky dog as he had large feet and would sometimes trip over them!

Bryn fitted in nicely with our pack of dogs and it was love at first sight. He did have some issues with strangers and had to be handled carefully in some incidences because he could sometimes nip if frightened. Once known to him he was like a rash, he would have literally got under your skin if he could.

Bryn spent his entire life following me around and would be on my lap before I actually made contact with the chair! his head on my chest. The days when I was unwell, and they were often, he would not leave me even to go for a wee, he was like a little furry nurse.

Bryn was one of those one in a million dogs that stole your heart and was very special. he was a budding sheepdog but sadly became ill at the time I was searching for our own flock to practise with. He battled a terminal illness for 10 months and had to be pts at the tender age of 3 1/2 years old. It was one of the hardest things I've ever had to do and although he was with me for just 3 short years he will never be forgotten and I'm eternally grateful for being able to adopt him.

Oct 27, 2009
A job well done.
by: James

A good home for a good dog regardless of status. Well done.

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