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More Money Saving Tips

This is an invaluable collection of tips for owners of dogs.

Some tips will show you how to avoid spending money on everyday items, and the others concentrate on avoiding incidents that could cost owners of dogs a lot of money in veterinary bills.

It is easy to go overboard and spend money on expensive bedding, toys, etc.

Your pet will not understand what you are doing.

Why not keep your money in your purse or wallet? Keep him well provided for but strictly on your budget terms. He will not love you any the less.

As owners of dogs you will show your affection in the way you speak to and treat him, not in what you spend. He/she knows by the sound and tone of your voice that you are being kind.

Before deciding what type of pet to take into your home, read our advice on the subject.

1. For easily washable pet beds cut an old duvet into four sections, depending on the size of both the duvet and the animal. Stitch around the edges and you have a selection of easily washable pet beds. Your local jumble sale or charity shop may come in handy here.

2. When washing these, put a shot of disinfectant in the conditioner compartment of your washing machine to give them a good, fresh smell. After using the machine for your pet wash, run through a short rinse cycle before using the machine for a family wash.

All owners of dogs and the rest of the family will appreciate this sensible gesture.

3. Use the plastic lid from a large paint can as a Frisbee. Wash it before giving it to him. Don’t use a tin lid, as when spun towards your pet at speed it could be dangerous.

4. Never throw stones or sticks for your pet to catch. Many dead animals have been opened up after suffering chronic stomach pains. A store of stones has been found in the tummy. Also, many animals have cut their throats severely by catching a wooden stick in the mouth at the wrong angle. Play, but play safe.

5. Puppies will destroy objects in their early teething stages. Give them a plastic bottle to chew on, but check it after each play session for signs of splitting damage. Remove damaged bottles for safety reasons. All owners of dogs know that this makes sense.

6. Another version of the plastic bottle toy (No. 5) is to put a few pieces of dry food (kibble) inside the bottle, leaving the lid off. Your pet will chase the bottle around the garden in his efforts to get the food out.

7. Taking this tip further, if you have an intelligent animal who needs to keep his brain active - a collie for instance - set out a range of (three or more) plastic flower pots. Put a small quantity of dry food under one of them. Tell him to 'Find it' and let him seek out his treat.

8. Remember, if you leave your own personal items within easy reach of any puppy they are likely to be chewed. It is not the puppy’s fault. He has no idea of value, so keep your possessions out of his/her reach. This is a tip that all owners of dogs must acknowledge - almost a fact of life.

9. When you are out walking your pet you should have a couple 'poo bags' with you. For a really cheap deal use Neats Nappy Bags. These cost 97p. per packet (at time of writing) and contain 300 individual sacks, obtainable from Morrison's Supermarkets. Much cheaper than buying 'poo bags' from regular pet stores. After all, you are only going to throw them away - eventually! A real money-saving tip is to use the small plastic bags that supermarkets provide for fruit and vegetables instead. No cost to you at all.

10. Some interesting walks are shown on www.forestry.gov.uk/england-dogs Just click on Events and Walks, and this will take you to Walkies in the Woods. Enjoy yourselves!

11. When walking in the countryside please remember to keep your pet on a short lead when walking through areas where cattle and sheep are grazing. Please also close all gates behind you - the farmer would not welcome a mass break-out!

All sensible owners of dogs appreciate this. Also beware that cows who have recently calved are best given a very wide berth as they are extremely protective of their young calves and have been known to kill dog walkers.

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12. Don’t feed poultry bones that have been cooked as part of his diet. These will splinter when chewed and are likely to do him internal damage. Think saving money again.

And for all owners of dogs who have a 'canny' streak, this next tip will appeal.

13. If your pet should scratch a wooden surface such as a door or furniture rub a Brazil nut over the affected area and the scratch miraculously disappears. Saves a fortune on re-varnishing wooden floors. Many thanks to Kylie from Finland for Tips Nos. 6, 7, and 13. A real bumper bundle!


If you should need to seek professional dog training for your pet, make sure you choose either a member of the BIPDT (British Institute of Professional Dog Trainers) or a KCAI (Kennel Club Accredited Instructor.

British Institute of Professional Dog Trainers

An unqualified trainer or one with a 'bought paper qualification' can do more harm than good to your pet.

Please be warned.

14. If possible break your dog's treat biscuits in half. Better for your dog's figure and better for your pocket.

15. Is your pet flea free? Take the safe, holistic approach and sprinkle 1/4 teaspoon garlic powder on his/her meal two or three times per week.

Use this method even when not in the 'flea' season (this is around August) and it will help to keep your dog fit. This is also useful for keeping tics at bay.

If you have trouble in locating garlic powder try your local horse tack shop/saddlers as they usually stock it for horses.

16. If you click on Tip.2

your dog will help you keep healthy.

17. You will find a list of dog friendly beaches that allow dog visitors in Britain. Please clear up after your dog.

If you would like to take this money-saving subject further, please go to our section, e Books and see the book 'Dog Training the Quick and Easy Way'.

You will find it contains excellent advice for pet owners that will make your life easier and save you money and heartache.

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