Tips for Online Shopping

The internet era has made it a lot easier to find the products you want at a reasonable price.  Finding a deal has never been easier.

There are numerous ways that you can use the internet to your advantage to score some amazing deals.

Here are 7 tips to save you money while shopping online:

Always Look for Free Shipping

It is no secret that the cost of shipping can often outweigh the price of the items you are buying.  The majority of stores offer free shipping once you have spent a certain amount of money at their store.  Take advantages of stores like Amazon, which offer free shipping.

Follow Brands on Social Media

With the rise of social media, it is no surprise that many retailers are starting to turn to these popular outlets to promote their products.  Liking your favourite stores on sites like Facebook and Twitter makes it easy for you to stay up to date on sale and promotions.  Plus sometimes retailers will have flash sales that are only available through social media.

Leave Items in Your Cart

Leaving items in your shopping cart can help prevent you from making impulsive purchases.  Plus many retailers are starting to offer lower prices and better discounts when you leave items in your cart for a few days.  But in order to get notification for these discounts, you will have to log into your store account.  Then put everything that you want to buy in your cart and go to the checkout page.  But before you enter your payment details leave the website and wait.  Often times you will receive an email that is offering you an even better deal on the items in your cart.

Price Match Programs

Sometimes after you have bought something you tend to find a better price the next day.  But have no fear, many online retailers offer price match guarantees.  This means that they are able to match or beat the price that you have found somewhere else.

Comparison Checks

With so many free comparison checking tools it can be easy for you to find the best deals on products.  My favourite comparison tool is PriceBlink.  It is installed right into your internet browser  like Chrome and Firefox.  This tool works automatically finding the best deals and then notifies you when any new coupons are available.

Use Coupons

Take the time to look for coupons or special promotonal codes that can help save you money. Most of the time, online blogs will have exclusive discounts as well as promo coupons. There are some retailers that allow you to use multiple coupons. The key is to use input them in the right order. For example, if you have a $10 off coupon and a 5% off coupon. You should apply the 5% off coupon before the $10 offcoupon. By doing this, you will take off 15% of the item, and then $5 off of that new price.

Always look for promotional coupons (i.e. Mamma) when shopping online. You can find coupons for almost any product that’s for sale online.

Take Advantage of Email Promotions

All online retailers use email promotions. Many of these promotions include some amazing deals that people usually do not use. These emails are a great way to find out if your favorite stores are having any sales. The majority of online retailers will also send you a coupon if you sign up for their email list. But these promotional emails can start to clog up your inbox. One of the best ways to prevent this from happening to your primary inbox is to create a secondary email. Doing this means that you are able to prevent your inbox from gettng overwhelmed with promotions.

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