An Oil Storage Tank For Home

An Oil Storage Tank For Home -
most people will think what a boring subject!

Maybe, but just read on and you will probably change your mind.

Carrying the theme of saving money take a look at our page on buying heating oil. This may well give you an insight into ordering cheaper fuel and the reason for buying a larger storage tank.

This is quite simple as it just means getting yourself and a few friends organised. Our page tells how easy this can be.

It is essential you make sure that your oil storage tank for home is in tip-top condition capable of holding your oil (also known as Kerosene) safely.

If it is not, any of the the following unfortunate things can happen. Take care!

1. If your oil storage tank for home develops a leak you can lose your expensive and precious oil.

2. If in the process of losing this oil, it should leak into a watercourse, i.e. a ditch, you are likely to be liable for removing all contaminated soil. This can lead to a bill of several thousand pounds which is not always covered by your insurance policy.

3. There is a risk of fire, and unfortunately there is now another risk.

4. With the startling increases in the price of oil, theft is now on the increase. It is virtually impossible to stop a determined thief, just do all you can - site your tank in the most secluded place - make sure your delivery man leaves your property as soon as possible (he is an indicator of a fresh delivery) - keep your eyes open.

5. Putting as padlock on the tank is not always a wise move. This will not prevent the determined thief - he will come prepared, and could possible do damage to your tank when removing the padlock.

So all in all, you may need to research this safety subject further. This is not just a 'thing' that sits - hopefully - in a secluded part of your garden, this is something that holds probably a large proportion of your domestic budget. It needs some thought and consideration.

If you have a oil storage tank for home that is metal, take a look and see if you can see any signs of rusting. Better be safe than very sorry.

If you contact a local supplier he should be up-to-date on all the latest regulations regarding the safe storage of fuel oil (of which with the EU, there are now plenty) regarding siting the tank, the correct base, heat retardant panels if needed, etc.

It is necessary to have a bunded tank. These are double skinned tanks that, by their very nature, are less prone to leakage. Basically, the actual oil storage tank for home is a large tank enclosing a smaller tank. The fuel oil is stored in the inner tank, whilst the outer tank is designed to act as a containment area in the event of a spillage originating from the inner tank.

Choose your tank installer carefully. Shop around and find a supplier who is not committed to just one tank supplier.

There are several brands of tanks on the market, Atlas, Titan, Midas, Balmoral etc.

When a supplier has several different brands of tanks for your selection you are more likely to be suited where your individual requirements are concerned. Plus there is the bonus that such a company is likely to be more impartial.

What size fuel oil storage tank for the home will you need? This will depend upon the size (output) of the boiler, how often the boiler is used and the size of the house.

There is another consideration that is frequently overlooked. Buy the size of oil storage tank for home use that is sufficient to hold the supply of oil you need for a full year. The reason for this is that you will get a better price from the oil supplier if you are ordering a larger quantity. Plus, having ordered for a full year – from start to end of winter, plus a little to see you through the summer months, then you will have no worries during this period.

There is the chance that oil prices will be lower during the summer months when suppliers are keen to trade. You should be able to use this situation to your advantage.

If you have a small tank and you live in a rural area, you will need to know that if you run low on supply around Christmas/New Year will the Oil Company be able to get to you? Will there be snow on the ground to add to this difficulty?

Think it over. Yes, you will have the added expense of a large oil storage tank for home but – at present the difference between a 1300 litre tank and a 2500 tank is around £200. However, you will get a better price for the oil you are ordering, particularly if you are a member of a TSS (again see our page - Heating Oil). Plus you will have more peace of mind.

This follows neatly on to..

It is always advisable to have a Watchman Sonic device fitted. This is a small indicator that fits nicely into an electrical socket inside your house. Without stepping outside to look at the tank you will be given an accurate, up-to-date reading of the exact fuel oil content of tank any time of the day or night. Plus, more importantly, you will know exactly when you need to re-order the oil supply. Also it is a clear and immediate notification if your tank has been syphoned. Perish the thought!

Some companies will endeavour to charge a fancy price such as £65.00 for this device. If you are having a new tank installed, negotiate for this to be included. First of all ask for a price without the Watchman and then ask for a price with the Watchman included. See if there is a difference and you will know what to do.

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Always haggle, it is your money you are spending.

Hopefully this 'boring' subject on chosing an oil storage tank for home will have been transformed into a piece of sound advice for you that can save money.

The author of this article used the services of
P & D Tank Services,
Intwood Lodge, Intwood Lane,
Lower East Carleton, Norfolk, NR14 8LD
and was very satisfied with the price, installation of the heating oil tank and after-sales service.

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