Obese Parents and Children

Unfortunately obese parents and children are all too common a sight these days.

Unfortunately a sign of the times - obese parents and children.

It is almost as if these obese parents create an obese child simply by passing on the wrong eating habits and life style.

The child had no alternative but to accept this life style, and will not be in a position to reverse this pattern of eating until they are older.

By then it could be very difficult to do, or even a little late.

There is no pleasant way, and it is very difficult to find a kinder way of saying - overeating by parents can cause obese children.

If this is a pattern created by the parents, then just as night follows day - it will happen. Obese children following in the footsteps of their obese parents. A tragedy really!

Obese parents and children are almost a mirror image.

Overweight parents who feed their children too much food and the wrong type of food, are mainly to blame for Britain’s childhood obesity crisis. This is according to the report from the Early-Bird Diabetes study, based at the Peninsula Medical School, Plymouth. UK.

The findings published in the report shows that daughters of overweight mothers are ten times more likely to be obese by the age of eight than daughters born to slim mothers. Sons of obese fathers are six times more likely to be overweight. These facts are quoted in The Daily Telegraph. This all indicates obese parents and children are inextricably linked.

The Report says children of fat parents tend to be overfed and under-exercised. But it cautioned that physical activity in overweight children will help a child’s fitness but not his or her fatness. This statement can also apply to adults.

The Report continues - It seems that weight gain patterns – either towards being overweight or staying slim – are set early in life, perhaps very early, by some behavioural sympathy between obese parents and their same sex off-spring. Do obese parents and children have a strange empathy with each other?

More than 2.3 million children are said to be overweight.

The Report is one of the few long-term studies into childhood obesity in Britain.

The Results

Cutting down on food will have two very important results.

First of all cutting out all the unnecessary crisps, burgers, chips, sugary snacks, drinks etc. will save money.

Secondly it will improve the health of children (and adults) by lessening the risk of diabetes.

Plus sugary snacks and drinks also damage the teeth. Coca Cola makes interesting and unexpected reading.

How is it done?

First of all by learning a two letter word ‘No’.

Don’t buy any snacks or biscuits so that they are not available to young children. If there are some biscuits in the house, make sure they are a plain, low fat variety and limit the intake to 2 per day.

Don't buy expensive sugary drinks. See the above item on Coca Cola .

Pack lunch boxes for school-age children so that these do not contain crisps, sugary biscuit bars etc. but instead a piece of fruit –a banana, apple, orange or grapes. If you need to cut an apple into quarters, secure it with a rubber band to stop the apple browning.

Low fat yoghurts are also an option. Take a look at our page Sugar in Fruits to help with your selection.

For older children, use the image of pop-stars etc. to inspire them. There are no obese pop-stars. Try to choose those that are not drug-takers!

Put pressure on any schools that still have vending machines selling sugary, unhealthy snacks to get rid of them. Although most schools now ban these machines.

Some schools have found that when sugary snacks and drinks are banned the hyperactivity of children is drastically reduced.

For help, take a look at Eat Well, Keep Well and Save Money This page contains information that will set you and your children on the right route to avoiding the fate of obese parents and children.

Don't kill your children with kindness.

The Ultimate Results

It will be a case of constant dripping wearing away a stone (or pounds of fat). Some might even call it nagging to get the message through to any obese parents and children.

No one is pretending it is going to be easy, but after four weeks the results should be showing.

Parents need to think of the future of their child’s health and their own. Avoid being obese parents with obese children. This is not good for anyone.

You will save money. Less will be spent on junk food, less will be spent on bigger sized clothing, less will be spent on trips to the doctor and the resultant prescriptions, less will be spent on trips to the dentist. A definite win, win situation. In other words a 'no brainer'.

A doctor once said 'Never a fat person came out of Belsen.'
Unfortunately, Oh, so very true!

Obesity can lead to diabetes which can be a killer.

Don't let history - from parent to child - repeat itself.

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