Motor Breakdown Insurance Cover

Motor breakdown insurance cover is a necessary expense.

Sooner or later even the most reliable car is likley to bang, splutter, and grind to an undignified halt.

So, how can motorists minimise insurance premiums?

Let's start with the basics.

There are two types of insurance – neither of which cover the cost of parts. The first type, which includes the AA and RAC, is essentially 'pre paid'. These policies ensure a mechanic attends your vehicle without charging labour.

The second option is 'pay and claim' insurance. These policies ensure a mechanic attends your vehicle but you are then charged labour. This expense is refunded by the insurance company. Pay and claim polices are generally cheaper than pre pay schemes.

Price comparison websites list a variety of policies. Start by considering which features you need, e.g. home start or onward travel. The comprehensiveness of the policy could depend on the vehicle's condition. Premiums can be reduced by paying online, adding breakdown to existing motor policies, and asking for concessions. After all, it is common practice for companies to offer freebies to secure sales.

Whichever policy you choose, please choose somethingto suit your requirements.

Self recovery is inconvenient and extremely expensive.

Recommended is First Call GB Ltd who have provided the author with excellent service.

The above is another sensible money saving tip for motorists from our guest author - Stephen Turvil.

Our extra and sensible save-money-guide tip is:

Remember if your vehicle is left unattended by the wayside for any length of time, there is always the possibility that someone will do some selective ‘recovering’ that suits their own particular needs.

This may well leave you with a skeleton vehicle to self recover - minus wheels, minus just about everything removable! So think seriously about motor breakdown insurance cover.

Another page that might help you avoid a breakdown is Driving in Floods.

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