More Unusual Tips

Why not think outside the box and try some of these more unusual tips?

Some may sound just a trifle wacky and may be worth a try, but always use your own discretion.

1. Try Budweiser beer to condition your hair when you have finished shampooing. Any beer will do, except possibly a heavy, stout type beer.

2. Should you or your children be unlucky enough to pick up some stray 'visitors', Mayonaisse will kill hair lice.

Spread over the hair, rubbing in well. Pile hair up on top of head, wrap your hair in plastic and leave for twenty/thirty minutes.

Shampoo thoroughly. Comb through with a fine nit comb to check results.

Definitely one of the more unusual tips.

3. For shiny hair pour some freshly brewed tea over your head after shampooing. Don't include any tea or sugar! This is an old-fashioned remedy which works. Save money here.

4. For a minor burn, always hold the burn under the cold tap, or plunge into a bowl of cold water. This will take the initial pain away. Another suggestion is apply some Colgate or Crest toothpaste to the sore area.

5. If you burn your tongue, put some sugar on it.

6. Stung by a bee? Apply meat tenderiser.

7. Smelly feet. Apply Jello. How's that for one of the more unusual tips?

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8. Athletes foot? Apply cornstarch/cornflour. This is very soothing and will save money.

9. Fungus on toe nails or finger nails? Use Vicks Vapour Rub.

10. Smooth peanut butter will get rid of scratches on CDs. Wipe off with a coffee filter. Another one of the more unusual tips

11. Is your bicyle chain sticking. Use Cooking oil spray to ease the problem and save time and effort.

12. Children neglecting their dolls? Peanut butter will remove ink stains from a doll’s face,

13. When the doll’s clothes are hard to put on, sprinkle with corn starch/corn flour and they should slide on.

14. Do you suffer from dandruff? Just apply vinegar to your scalp. Allow to soak in for twenty minutes before shampooing. Vinegar is another one of those old fashioned remedies that work. Save money here. Another one of the more unusual tips

15. To prevent goggles and glasses from fogging, coat with a thin film of Colgate toothpaste. Mind you can still see!!

16. To remove oil stains from carpets or suede leather, cover with a layer of talcum powder and leave until the grease is absorbed. This is one of the more unusual tips that definitely works. It was tried on an expensive pair of suede boots with amazing results.

17. To remove wax from clothing, furnishings etc. just take a paper towel and iron it over the wax stain, it will absorb into the towel.

18. Remove labels off glassware etc. rub with Peanut butter! Failing this, white spirit works. A more unusual tip that also definitely works.

19. Baked on food. A couple of ideas. Fill the container with boiling water with washing powder with a dash of washing soda and leave to soak overnight. Or use two Denture cleaning tablets.

20. To clean toothbrushes – particularly the automatic type, soak in a cup of warm water and one Denture cleaning tablet.

21. Kiddies writing on the wall with crayon? Remove the crayon with a gentle application of toothpaste, then carefully brush down.

22. To clean dirty tile grout, gently brush the grout with Listerine, using an old toothbrush.

23. Grease stains can be removed from the drive-way with Coca Cola. Thought! What does it do to your intestines? For more on Coca Cola go to Water, Health and Coca Cola

24. Pour neat (undiluted) Coca Cola into an empty kettle. Boil up and leave to stand overnight to remove scale. Rinse out and re-boil with water in the morning.

25. To add to the life of your cut flowers, add an aspirin to the water each time you change it. Also cut off ½” stem when doing this. Remove any lower foliage so that is not in the water.

26. Lily pollen stains Do not rub! The pollen can be removed by gently dabbing Sellotape onto the stain. The pollen will stick to the tape.

27. To remove chewing gum from a carpet, place some ice cubes in a plastic bag. Put the bag on top of the chewing gum to allow the gum to freeze. When frozen you should be able either to roll or scrape the chewing gum off the carpet.

28. To clean your computer keyboard, spray a small amount of furniture polish onto a soft cloth, so that the cloth is only just slightly moistened. Rub over the keys when the computer is switched off. Avoid methods that might harm your computer - keep water well away.

29. A good tip for removing stray hairs from the shower or bath is to take a couple to sheets of toilet paper, run this around the offending area collecting up all the hairs, then just flush the toilet paper away down the loo.

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food tips and recipes all of which will be useful in saving you even more money.

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Have we covered everything?

Do you know of any more unusual tips that work?

If so and it really works - why not pass it on to us via the

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then we can pass it on to our other readers.

Thank you.

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