More Puppy Training Tips

Here are some more puppy training tips for you.

Maybe you and your puppy came together at Christmas or maybe this little pup came into your life quite by accident.

Whichever route, there will be some very dramatic changes in the life of owner and pup. Whether these are good or bad mainly rests with you, the owner.

Make sure your puppy integrates and socialises well with all members of your family.

In the space of a few months your puppy will grow into a full sized dog.

Dog is man’s best friend. Yes, agreed, but an untrained, unmanageable puppy can become a dog that is one of man’s most obnoxious friends.

Plus if he is allowed to become dangerous, your puppy will no longer be a friend but a liability that could possibly mean the end of the dog’s life. At the very worst, injury to a child or other person could be the result of your puppy being allowed to grow into an uncontrollable dog. Therefore you need all the more puppy training tips you can get.

This type of mutt can ruin lives and wreck households, doing tremendous damage in the process. He can dominate the household where he exploits this position to his advantage, taking pride of place on ‘his’ favourite sofa or armchair, sleeping on your bed, demanding ‘his’ biscuits, in fact making himself truly objectionable.

He can drive a wedge between partners, whom he will individually exploit, but a well trained dog is truly something to be valued. A constant friend and companion and in the case of some invalids, a life restorer. Guide Dogs for the Blind and Hearing Dogs for the Deaf etc. spring to mind.

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If you should need to seek professional dog training for your pet, make sure you choose either a member of the
British Institute of Professional Dog Trainers
The Kennel Club .

An unqualified trainer or one with a 'bought paper qualification' can do more harm than good to your dog.

Please be warned.

The person who feeds the dog is likely to be the one to whom
the dog attaches his allegiance.
This is a natural process, but this does alter the fact that a well-adjusted dog should like and respond favourably to all members of the family.
The more puppy training tips available the better, so read on.

When training your puppy, the cooperation of all members of the family is essential. It is no use taking the puppy to training classes and applying the training rules yourself, if the other members of your family
fail to do so. Some owners take one of the children along to the puppy training class so that they are also involved in the process. This is training for both puppy and child at the same time. However, please ask the class tutor for permission to do so, and make sure your child observes the rules of the class.

All the bad habits of the puppy must either not be allowed to develop or be rapidly corrected if they do. Develop more puppy training tips to counter this.

This book - Quick & Easy Dog Training will show you the correct and easy way to train your dog.

There is also an additional section on Dog Grooming which will save you money.

His main bad habits are:

  • Chasing cats, poultry, sheep etc.
  • Fighting other dogs
  • Eating and licking garbage, refuse, etc.,
  • Endangering his and other people’s lives by running out into traffic.
  • Chasing joggers and total strangers.
  • All these activities must curbed for both his own safety and the safety of others. He must learn that two lettered word ‘No’. He must learn to regard traffic with the greatest respect, not to fight with his fellows and if he lives in the country, not to worry livestock and not to chase humans. If he chases and damages livestock, i.e., kills sheep, he is liable to be put down. Here it is obvious the more puppy training tips you are able to apply at an early stage, the better.

    If you have a dog to guard your property and you, remember that under the law today you are responsible for any damage, hurt or harm your dog does to an intruder even if this is on your property.

    There are probably many dog owners who would disagree with this remark taking the view that the intruder has no right to be on their property in the first place. Here is not the place for a long discussion on the so-called rights of the intruder.

    It also needs to be remembered - a dog should not be regarded as some sort of ‘trophy’ which unfortunately does happen. This is sometimes the case of some ‘cult status’ dogs, i.e., ‘Staffs, ‘Rotts’ are used as a 'weapon', and at the other send of the scale, many breeds of small ‘lap’ dogs. These poor dogs would probably welcome more puppy training tips!

    A dog is an individual whether he/she is a pedigree or Crossbred dog and both have equally likeable traits. Some of which are illustrated here for you.

    To reinforce the puppy training theme, if it can be arranged for the dog to attend training classes, this should be a great advantage.

    Make sure the trainers in any chosen class hold the appropriate ‘pieces of paper’, i.e. that they are either British Institute of Professional Dog Trainers or Kennel Club Accredited Trainers. An ‘amateur’ or untrained dog trainer is liable to do more harm than good at this early stage in your puppy’s life and so entrench the damage for life if not corrected. Therefore, it is necessary to check any dog training establishment thoroughly.

    Dogs differ in many ways, as do humans, and each deserves equally kind treatment and all the more puppy training tips the better.

    Please visit our page for money saving tips for you and your dog,

    Be firm, fair and friendly. Good Luck.

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