Make Your House Sell Fast

To make your house sell fast - this is our aim here.

Selling your house maybe your one chance to make a substantial amount of money.

Don’t let this chance slip through your fingers by carelessness or lack of effort. Read on and learn how it is done.

Most of the good things in this life involve making an effort, and making your house sell fast is one of these.

Below is a list of little secrets that will save you money in the long run and help make your house sell fast.

The total sum you receive at the end of the transaction will be greater if you make sure all these points are covered. This must surely be the biggest incentive to make your house sell fast.

1. Make sure your house is clean, free from odours and clutter.

A clean house will impress. A grubby house is a definite no-no. No one wants to smell resident animals - cats, dogs, guinea pigs etc. If you have any pets farm them out to neighbours or friends when you are conducting a visit around your house. Remove any animal dishes from the floor.

If there is a 'smoker' in the house, open windows and air the place before any potential viewers arrive. They may well be non-smokers. Make sure your home passes the 'sniff test'. Make your house sell fast and sweetly!

Leave a window or two slightly open to allow fresh air to circulate.

Don't forget to remove all dog poo from the lawn and patio areas. You would not want your viewers to tread in the mess and make a lasting and unwanted impression on your carpets.

Remove all family clutter. Keep your mantle-shelf, sideboards, desks etc. free of family photographs. This enables your visitor to imagine their own belongings in the vacant spaces.

It might be worth considering decluttering your home to get the right effect.

Always make sure that no one has left the house in a rush in the morning and left their bed unmade. A total turn off. You need to make your house sell fast not make apologies.

2. Make sure your children are seen and not heard!

If you have children impress upon them that their toys etc., must be put away – just for a short time. Bribe them if you have to! That's no secret, just experience!

In the case where your children are 'exuberant', full of vim and vigour - call it what you will - if you are able to send them out on a visit to a helpful neighbour this would be a definite advantage.

The author has walked out of a house viewing because the disturbance the children were making made a sane assessment of the house impossible. You could always take the children out for a couple of hours and get the Agent to handle the viewing for you rather than lose a potential sale. This is plain common sense.

3. Hobbies

If you are a keen fisherman, bird watcher, dog breeder, pigeon fancier, photographer etc. it would be well to remove all the trophies you have accumulated over the years. Only another pigeon fancier is likely to appreciate your display. Again - if you put all your sentimental clutter away, then any prospective buyer will be better able to imagine their own clutter there. These are all tips requiring only little effort and will mnake your house sell fast. This could be a case of just starting your packing a little early.

4. Put a flowering pot plant on a table, or better still a vase of flowers.

This creates a pleasant atmosphere, adds to the feeling of freshness and helps make your house sell fast.

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5. Make sure the bathroom is absolutely spotless.

No dirty towels hanging around. Put some clean, fluffy ones in place. Spotless sink, bath and loo and a new tablet of soap on the hand basin all give a good impression. No odd smells lingering. Consider buying a new loo seat. This will be an issue with a lot of people as it is such a personal item. A new seat will reassure them! Put a display of three fat candles on the bathroom shelf.

6. Place a couple of scatter cushions in a dramatic but toning colour on the bed in the master bedroom.

This is particularly effective and gives the room a ‘lift’. You may well already have a couple of spare cushions that will only need the outlay of new covers. Spend a little money to make a lot of money when you sell your house quickly. Save money in the process is the secret.

A teddy bear tucked up in bed looks good in a child's room - not in an adult bedroom! Oh well! If you must.

7. The kitchen will also need be spotless.

People have been known to quickly put dirty dishes in the oven - needs must when the devil drives!

Several enhancements could be made here. Do you brew your own ground coffee? Always a good smell. A bowl of fresh, colourful fruit always looks good. A pot plant or bunch of flowers will brighten the room. But don’t over-egg the subject.

8. Outside, the approach to your front door should be clear and the garden should be neat and tidy.

If you have a caravan parked on your drive or in the front of the house, is it possible to move this away from the property whilst you are conducting viewings? This will make the drive appear larger and the house itself more easily visible.

Clear the weeds from both the front and back gardens. Some strategically placed colourful pots of flowers will not go amiss. This last point is difficult if you are selling in mid-winter. In that case just concentrate on maximum tidiness so that the garden does not look too sad. It is possible to buy pots of flowering winter bulbs which could either be planted in the garden or placed in pots by the front door.

Again - make sure the lawn is poo free if you have animals. Keep their secret! This really is an important point emphasised by Agents.

Make sure the windows of the house are clean - yes - people do look out to see the garden and views etc. You don't want them thinking it is a foggy day. Again, this will help to make your house sell fast.

9. Over-flowing wheelie bins and rubbish are a definite no no.

If you have a collection of rubbish accumulating for whatever reason – perhaps you have successfully de-cluttered, make a swift trip to your local Amenity Tip.

10. If your carpet is really past its sell-by date or your walls are really murky, this may call for drastic treatment.

Consider having a cheap, plain carpet laid and quickly putting a coat of emulsion of the walls. Effort yes, expense yes, possibly a few hundred pounds depending upon the size of the carpet – but a sprat to catch a mackerel. This may well influence a sale of your property instead of you having to take a much reduced price or the property hanging remaining unsold. Spend money to save money, make your house sell fast!

11. If you are holding a winter viewing or even on a dull summer day, make sure the lights are on before your visitors arrive. Your aim is to present your property in the best possible light.(excuse the pun).

12. Make sure each room presents the true purpose.

You may use the dining room as a play area for the children. Clear all their toys away and set the table to show the true purpose of the room. This adds value. Your new buyer may well be looking for a dining room and not a play-room.

13. Drive past viewings

Often you will find prospective buyers will do a 'drive past' as they look at the area. If you can, why not chat them up and if the house is presentable, drag them in off the street!!! The author has done this with great success. Just remember, you need to make your house sell fast.

This whole exercise is to show you that although you may have to spend some money, in the end you will save money because of the greater amount of profit you will make on the eventual sale.

Speculate to accumulate and make your house sell fast.

Good luck – we wish you every success!

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