List of Common Medicines

Using this list of common medicines and allied products
will make saving money easier.

Along with many other items, medication is becoming more expensive and you will need to be a really canny shopper to succeed.

If you have a young family - with a baby - the price mounts and is soon in double figures. A visit to the chemist can become a nightmare.

Before we tackle the price of actual medicines, take a look at our new page.

On this page you will get assistance on good value for your money when buying foods that will assist your general health before resorting to medicines. In other words, avoid the problem before it has a chance to start. All part of the good advice offered on this list of common medicines page.

Please be aware when acepting a 'free' trial of any medicine or product, it often comes with strings attached.

If at the end of this initial free offer you do not cancel your subscription, you may find you are liable for charges in excess of £67 per month.

Please read the small print because once you have signed, it can be difficult to get out of these obligations.

Where prescription drugs are concerned, ask the pharmacist if you will be saving money by purchasing direct instead of via your prescription. It is frequently cheaper. This often happens now that the prescription charge is quite high.

When you are buying a branded medicine, antiseptic cream or anything similar at the chemist, ask the Pharmacist if there is a similar B.P. (British Pharmacopoeia) generic product. You can save yourself quite a bit of money by this one simple move as will be revealed when you read further down this page - List of Common Medicines.

Many manufacturers take one of these BP. items and brand it as their own product. This is quite legal, but the generic product will be cheaper because there is no expensive marketing or packaging attached to the product. Anadin is aspirin, Panadol is paracetamol and so on.

Although some of the following items are not strictly 'medicines', they are items normally stocked by your chemist. You can be save money on this list of common medicines that are included here for your convenience.

Some products are known as Elite Preparations which means that the product is not advertised and may be prescribed by a doctor on prescription as a medicine.

A classic example of these last two points is given in the first tip below.

1. Instead of buying several different pots of cream for dry skin for various parts of your body, try Aqueous Cream BP. This is a good buy at around £2.25 for a large 500g pot (1/2 lb. pot) and will last for many months. (The figure of £2.25 is accurate at 26.9.12 but unfortunately a major chemist chain is selling this same cream at £4.05.) It can be used for all sorts of dry skin conditions and rubs in very easily. Good for hands, heels, elbows in fact all ‘hard wearing’ parts of the body. It is non-greasy, non perfumed and is very pleasant to use.

One reader has just reported in that her pot is marked 'Use by 2008' and tells us that there is nothing wrong with the cream - except that she is now in 2012 - eventually - down to the last few dregs.

There is also a trade-marked product called E45 cream (an Elite Preparation - see above) which sells at varying prices from £4.32 upwards to £10.39 Yes - that is right - for the same size tub. Both E45 and the Aqueous Cream BP are the same basic preparation and are based on a mixture of liquid paraffin and white soft paraffin.

As E45 is now expensively advertised on TV, it is presumed that this is no longer an 'elite' preparation. Stop and think who is paying for this advertising campaign. You the consumer. Another good reason for sticking to this list of common medicines.

The only difference is in the packaging and the price - and that is astronomical.

It really does pay to do your homework on this list of common medicines and shop around – or sign up for Our Newsletter and let us do the legwork for you so that you are saving the money.

2. If you normally use Hypromellose for dry eye conditions, when you visit a Pound Shop you will find a product in their small section for medicines. It is called Moisturising Eye Drops made by Galpharm International Ltd. from South Yorkshire.

The ingredients in these eye drops are exactly the same as those in the more expensive product Hypromellose. This product is frequently prescribed by opticians as a medicine. This is another reason to use our list of common medicines - it will save you money.

3. If you suffer from Thrush or other fungal or microbial conditions try using Clotrimazole Cream which is equivalent to Canesten Cream. Clotrimazole is the B.P. equivalent and at least £1.00 cheaper than the branded product. The ingredient clotrimazole is an antifungal medicine used to treat infections. Thanks to Dawn of Harleston, Norfolk for this invaluable tip.

All this knowledge for free here on the list of common medicines. Definitely a case for signing up for the newsletter.

4. Always buy the chemist‘s own brand of the paracetamol and ibuprofen medicines rather than Calpol and Nurofen. Thanks to Julie of Southampton for this tip.

This also applies to the adult paracetemol. Non-branded costs 39p and the cheapest branded alternative of the same size retails at £1.59 Again a terrific saving from our list of common medicines.

Aspirin can be included here. Budgen's charge 50p. for 16 bog-standard tablets and the same can be purchased for 13p. in Tesco. Shop around when you can.

5. If you are allergic to deodorants or would like a cheap and effective alternative, keep a small bowl of bicarbonate of soda in your bathroom. Apply to the underarms with a powder puff or large ball of cotton wool. Alternatively, mix the bicarb with water and use it as a spray-on deodorant. This is a superb tip if you have an allergy to modern deodorants. Thanks to Josene for this information.

6. For UK residents. If you need to buy four prescriptions or more per month you may find it cheaper to buy a Prescription Pre-payment Certificate. As from 2011 these will cost £29.10 for a three month certificate and £104.00 for a twelve month certificate. This should give you quite a saving.

7. Tesco’s own brands of cod-liver oil and vitamin products are very good and reasonably priced. Although not technically medicines, are included in our list of common medicines because of the money saving factor.

8. Don’t throw away your toothpaste tube when you think it is empty, be a real scrooge and cut the base end off and use what is left inside. There will probably be enough toothpaste left to last for at least a week. Cover with a small piece of cling film to keep the cut end fresh.

The manufacturers of Colman’s Mustard made their fortune by the amount left on the side of the plate, so don’t make tooth-paste manufacturers any richer. It is up to you to be saving money not wasting it.

9. This tip also applies to expensive face creams and other beauty products that come in a tube. Try placing the tube on a flat, hard surface then pressing the back of a comb up along the tube towards the nozzle.

Hey presto, masses more cream for you to use. Even after this treatment you can cut the plastic tube open and probably find enough cream left for at least several other applications. Scrooge eat your heart out!

10. If you are washing your hair whilst in the shower and the bottle of shampoo slips out of your hand, just slip an athletic wristband over the body of the bottle – no more slipping and wastage.

11. When you think your shampoo bottle is empty, remove the cap and invert it on top of the new bottle.

Wait until you have used the new bottle a couple of times because you will be surprised at the amount that transfers from the old one to the new one. (This tip can be applied to all bottles, salad cream, etc.)

12. If you buy a bottle of shampoo and find it is not to your liking or does not live up to your expectations, don’t throw it away - use it as a shower gel instead. Think saving money here.

13. Do watch prices! If large supermarkets such as Tesco don't have a 'flyer' label on the shelf boasting how much cheaper they are than other supermarkets, this indicates the competition is cheaper. For instance, Pantene Enhanced Layers Shampoo £3.29 at Tesco - no fancy flyer, BUT only £2.86 at Superdrug. A saving of 43p - 13%

14. Definitely not a medical tip, but if you put a crushed Asprin tablet in the container when arranging flowers, this helps them to last longer. Maybe it stops them from getting a headache. Sorry about that! Just use the list of common medicines to your advantage.

15. If you can, buy Elasoplast type dressings in the long strip and cut it to size, as required. Better than the expensive individual sized pieces that are individually wrapped.

16. Don't forget to claim your free Vitamin D. This is easily done by spending 15 minutes per day in the sunshine, without a sunscreen applied to your skin. Easy in the summer, but a little more difficult during the winter months.

Why not go for a walk in the sunshine - free vitamin D and exercise all in one pop! Just read all our tips on this list of common medicines

17. To help keep yourself healthy, you must eat well. Take a look at fast healthy food and create some interesting and tasty meals.

18. Aloe Vera is a very handy plant to have around - not only a very interesting pot plant but so useful for burns, insect bites etc. Just snap a piece off and rub the juice onto the injury. Maybe vegetables should appear as part of the list of common medicines because of their great influence on your health?

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