Easy to Follow Lawn Care Tips

These lawn care tips are easy to follow and although
aimed at the purist will also be of interest to the beginner

The page contains many well thought out lawn care tips that will make the difference between the average patch of grass and a good looking lawn.

If you think of a lawn as the foil to the beautiful flowers in the same way as a man in a dark suit shows his partner's colourful dress to prefection, then you will see the analogy.

The lawn and the man in his suit are all important in both cases.

Before detailing the lawn care tips, here are some save-money-guide tips for you and your lawn.

1. When a shower of rain is imminent - or if you are really keen - during a light shower, work systematically across your lawn sprinkling handfuls of Sulphate of Ammonia on the grass. Make sure you wear gloves. This is cheaper than, and just as effective as 'branded' treatments for greening and feeding your grass. To be successful with this lawn care tip, the rain is the essential ingredient otherwise the grass is likely to burn. This lawn care tip is so simple and produces almost instant results.

2. To get rid of moss sprinkle with Sulphate of Iron. Again this is best if rain is due. You will find this works literally overnight. Next morning you will find black patches where the moss used to be. But the grass will grow back. Leave for a couple of days then rake out the dead moss with a metal spring tine rake. If the bare patches are quite large you may wish to re-seed but it is quite likely to restore itself.

3. A good look lawn acts as a foil for your flower beds. They are then shown off in all their glory.

4. The cheapest, quickest and best weed-killer for lawns in boiling water.

As far back as the 13th century a German monk, Albertus Magnus wrote 'Nothing refreshes the sight so much as fine short grass'. His tip was to pour boiling water over the weeds.

If you are unfortunate enough to have Prunella in your lawn, this tip works a treat. Almost instant - which is most rewarding. The leaves quickly turn a brownish/black, there will be some dying back of the grass. This is acceptable as this is a fiendish and very persistent weed. The grass will quickly re-grow.

5. Remember to have your lawn mower serviced during the winter months in readiness for the new Spring season. Obvious really, but lots of people forget and then panic (or worse - curse) when the mower fails to start when needed.

6. If your lawn mower is petrol driven, never fill up the tank whilst the mower is on the lawn. Should you have a spillage the petrol will burn and kill the grass.

As well as being far cheaper than proprietary branded products you will find that both the above products have a general use around the garden. For more money saving tips, take a look at the Gardening Diary.

Now on to the monthly lawn care tips.

January, February

Keep the lawn clear of fallen leaves If there are areas that need re-seeding, provided the ground is not frozen solid, you can prepare these now - dig the area over removing any large debris and weeds, and mix in some compost. Avoid walking on the lawn if it is frozen or waterlogged. Take this opportunity to do a quick lawn mower MOT, making sure the blade is still sharp.


If the ground is dry and unfrozen, then it's time for the first cut. Raise the mower blades for a high cut which 'tops' the grass only. If there are bare, compacted patches on the lawn, use a garden fork to spike the lawn to a depth of 10 cm and then brush in a mixture of sand and compost. This will help aerate the soil. Make sure not to mow when the lawn is wet! It won't cut evenly, and fungus can establish in newly mown wet grass.


Regularly mow to keep the grass trim and even, but don't cut the grass lower than 2-3 cm from the ground. Take no more than one third off the total length of the grass on each cut. Now is the time to sow the grass seed into the areas you are re-seeding; tread the areas you prepared previously, level them out and then rake to a fine tilth. Sow the grass seed and cover lightly with dry soil, gently firming down the surface. Water in well.


Continue mowing to encourage dense growth. Apply a feed and weed product to encourage the new growth and to control moss and weeds. Where you have re-seeded, give the seedlings their first cut when their shoots are 5-7 cm high, but do not apply weedkiller to grass that is less than six months old. You're aiming just to top them at this stage, so raise your mower blades as high as they will go. Make sure the mower blade is sharp, otherwise the young seedlings will get tugged out from the soil.

The lawn care tips for the months of both June and July are as follows.

Continue mowing. If the weather is hot and dry, mow less frequently and consider raising the blades for a higher cut - less moisture will be lost this way. Subject to hosepipe bans, water the grass thoroughly during dry spells using a sprinkler. Spot treat any stubborn weeds with a weed killer. Scarify the lawn (rake with a spring tine rake) to remove dead thatch and moss. This will prevent brown patches appearing.

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August - Continue mowing. Scarify. If there are further areas to re-seed, prepare these areas as in March.


Continue mowing, gradually raising the mower blades to leave a longer cut. Scarify. Re-seed areas that require it.


If the weather allows, continue mowing. For the final cut of the year you will simply 'top' the grass. 'Top' the young grass seedlings too. Aerate the soil by spiking and composting, just as you did back in March. Apply autumn feed and weed.


If you've enjoyed a burst of late summer warmth, one more cut may be necessary. Otherwise just keep the lawn free of fallen leaves.


Clear the lawn of any fallen leaves.

With such simple lawn care tips you should turn your patch of grass into a beautiful, well maintained lawn.

The above easy to follow, yearly Lawn Care Calendar was first published on the
e-Spares website and is gratefully acknowledged here.

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