Ladies Clothing Ideas

We have some more ladies clothing ideas for you.

Read on and see what 'fits' your particular situation.

When money is in short supply it focuses the mind and removes prejudices as to what can and cannot be done.

People who would normally be classed as ‘well heeled’ use our clothing ideas.

So, don’t be shy, just read and have a go. You will be surprised.


1. Don’t be snobby about Charity Shops. Even Mary Portas picks up bargains in Charity Shops!

This is the ONLY place you should be buying your NEXT and GAP clothing especially for the kids.

Donate your own unwanted items – you may be helping out another person who is also trying to get rid of their mortgage and save money.

One local barrister always buys her suits, etc. from Charity Shops, and she always looks exceedingly well dressed. Also, the author attended a Board Meeting dressed completely in Charity Shop finds and was complimented on how smart she looked. It can be done if you follow our ladies clothing ideas!

Charity items that are donated to local shops usually go to a central sorting point for redistribution, which helps to eliminate the possibility of walking into someone who is wearing your 'donation' and vice versa.

Work out what you already have in your wardrobe, what needs a 'lift'. The secret is to be picky, careful and use a bit of imagination and use oudr ladies clothing ideas.

2. When buying socks for ordinary wear, stick to one colour, i.e., black or navy blue. When one sock wears out or gets lost you will have another matching one to take its place. Tesco socks seem to be the best value and quality for everyday wear. One of our more simple ladies clothing ideas.

3. If you like a bargain you should see what there is on offer at this discount page.

4. Supermarkets and clothing stores are past masters at the art of marketing. Jeans are displayed with a matching jacket to make you buy the entire outfit instead of just the jeans that you had originally intended to purchase. Beware, you have been warned. Now is the time to think – save money and use our ladies clothing ideas.

For more money saving tips on clothes,

go to our other page and see what you can find.

5. Some supermarkets, Tesco, with their Florence and Fred range and Asda with their George range, offer remarkably good value on many items and you can really save money here. Learn to hunt around and be selective. Tesco are good for 'classic' items such as black polo neck sweaters.

6. The school uniform ranges are good, being much cheaper and the quality is good, comparing very favourably with school outfitters. For blazers, just buy the school badge from the official outfitters and sew it to the supermarket blazer.

Keep a look out before the start of the autumn school term when the advertising really kicks in. It is worth waiting to see what the supermarkets offer before buying in a regular school outfitters.

7. It is always worth asking at the School Office if you can buy unclaimed lost property items. Some very good items of clothing remain unclaimed and it is a shame to see them eventually consigned to the bin when they could be put to good use. Contribution from Julie of Southampton. Thank you.

8. If new trainers are pinching your heels/toes, and being generally uncomfortable, before throwing them to the back of the wardrobe and buying a new pair, try the following. Rub some soap moistened with a tiny drop of water on to the inside of the heel/toe material to soften up the rubbing spots. Contribution from Chrissie M. Chelmsford, Essex. Thank you.

9. When ordering name tapes for children’s clothes, if you have two children, i.e., Colin and Barbara, the best way to do this is as follows: Order labels as: C. Smith B.

For Colin, tuck under or cut off the ‘B’ and the reverse for Barbara, tuck under the C. One bulk order is usually cheaper than two separate orders. Have a look on Google for the names of several name tape providers.

10. Dry your clothes outside on a washing line when you can instead of using the tumble dryer. You will save energy and your clothes will last longer. Did you know the lint collected in the filter is made up of fibres from your clothes?

11. Make sure that when you store your clothes over winter they are 100% clean. Moths just love a little bit of perspiration or a minor food stain. Lavender sachets are said to help, plus old fashioned patchouli leaves and moth balls. The latter do have a strong smell but better that than a ruined, expensive cashmere sweater. Also, if this should happen, just give the clothes a good airing and the smell should disappear.

12. If you are constantly thinking 'does my bum look big in this' maybe it is time to eat less and move more, relax, just keep off the carbs and see if it makes a difference. There are loads of sensible tips here. The best diet of all is Eat less - Move More. Another unusual tip from ladies clothing ideas

13. Also, some of the sites on this page offer good discounts on their vouchers.

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