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In these hard economic times, jobs seem to be disappearing fast, particularly in the manufacturing sector.

Serious attempts are now being made in this direction with banks being pressured to grant more loans to these businesses.

Have you had a look at our other page Earning Extra Income?

Whilst we cannot pluck a job out of the air for you, the above page will show you how to set up on your own with a greater chance of success. Hopefully you will then not be needing job seekers advice for much longer.

The fastest growing occupations in England during 2001 and 2009 (the last available figures) show the following:

Conservation and Environmental Protection Officers,
Social workers
Legal Associate professionals,
Refuse and Salvage occupations and
Leisure and theme park attendants.

According to the 'media', the position appears to be changing with public sector jobs being 'cut back' (sackings and retirements),with the private sector slowly taking up some of the slack.

Maybe this is a pointer for you to start up your own business and buck the trend. Do this and you will not be in need of jobe seekers advice any longer.

According to Eric Schmidt, Executive Chairman of Google,

‘Only the largest and wealthiest companies can afford to advertise on television, but any company (anyone) can build a brand online.’

Why not take your opportunity? Make your own job. The Internet is the path to prosperity.

Take a look at our page Write an Instant Article This will give you the route to free publicity for your new venture.

Also Marketing Your Web Site will show you how to get more free publicity.

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If you can manufacture something rather than provide a service then this time could well be a good opening for you.

Give it some thought.

It maybe that our free book - The Ultimate Business Manual - mentioned above - will trigger off the idea that you need to set the ball rolling. It's worth a try!

As Eric Schmidt, Executive Chairman of Google, says above - build a brand online.

Why not take your opportunity? Make your own job. Find a job - they are still out there. Earning Extra Income

Take a good look around the site here - job seekers advice is here to help you.

Probably the best job seekers advice on offer is - stick at it - you will succeed in the end.

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