Ideas for Working from Home

Follow these ideas for working from home to make extra money.

Here are fifteen feasible ideas for working from home.

These will hopefully to extend your income.

If you have debts - these ideas can help get rid of them.

Fifteen good ideas that could well set you on the road financial freedom.

Take a look and be inspired.

Double up if you can.

1. Rent out your driveway. Have a look around the Internet and see what possibilites are available. Do your own research here and find what is suitable to you.

2. Take in a lodger. Under the Government scheme you are now allowed to earn £4,250 in any tax year before you are liable for tax.

You can either advertise locally or approach local companies. It will probably help if you have a local company behind you. They would be a good source for replacements should you need them.

3. Maybe you like walking, so why not put this to good use and become a Dog Walker If you take your own dog for a walk, why not take others along as well? Dog walkers can command £10 per hour per dog, with high rates at the weekend and Bank Holidays - dependent upon your area. Advertise in the window of your local newsagent, or approach animal-sitting firms who frequently need new walkers.

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4. Become a Mystery Shopper, which has been advocated elsewhere on this site. You stand the chance of earning £10 to £50 per assignment. You could also be in line for a free manicure if you find the right employer.

Read this page Mystery Shopping for some interesting facts before you take the plunge. Or you could try being a mystery shopper online at

5. Television and advertising agencies frequently require 'star' pets for various productions and are prepared to pay up to £90 per hour for animals able to perform, who will take directions and are photogenic and likeable.

While the main companies such as Animal Ark prefer the animals they hire to be from professional trainers, ordinary owners still stand a chance when their animal has desireable talents or traits. Beware of any agency demanding hefty up-front fees.

6. Are you a bookworm? Do you have loads of surplus books that are in good condition? Why not sell these via an Amazon listing? Much better than an eBay listing and the Amazon listing can remain in situ for months or years. These ideas for working from home can be used in so many unexpected ways.

7. Have you thought of becoming a simulated patient? Medical schools across the country run simulated workshops for trainee doctors and require people to act as patients. Contact your local medical school. Pay averages £6.97 per hour with sessions lasting from one to four hours.

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8. Along these lines do you have a specific knowledge such as speaking a second language, a sound basis in mathematics etc., then consider the prospect of becoming a Home Tutor Families will pay £25 per hour for someone with the requisite skills. Also try to get an idea of what is on offer. There is also

If you can tutor more 'diverse' subjects such as Pole Dancing, Poker, Photography or even Personal Training then start your search at Set Your Rate

9. Are you energetic, lively and chatty? Why not become a party consultant and organize parties to demonstrate products for the host? Commissions vary, but companies participating are also The Body Shop The commissions are likely to rise as you sell more.

10. Do you read a lot? Have you thought of becoming a proof reader? Rates start at £19.25 for people with appropriate proof reading skills - some proofs are dry-as-dust technical books. Society of Editors and Proofreaders

11. Many art colleges and schools require life models and although this involves quite good money it is not for shrinking violets as the work frequently involves sitting around for long periods completely naked. Although a rate of £12 per hour may compensate for the initial embarrassement.

12. Do you have a spare room? You could become host to a foreign student for the academic year. Home Stay pay between £120 and £250 per week If you live near a University or college this may be a venture for you.

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13. Do you have book-keeping or other office skills? Why not consider becoming a virtual assistant? Businesses will pay up to £25 per hour for office administrative staff. Try also or if you are in the United States Now on to our last of the ideas for working from home......

14. Do you have an opinion? Swap your views for cash. pays people to attend focus groups. The pay is between £30 and £100 for a couple of hours. Try also

15. Last and by no means least why not become an Avon Lady? This job has been around for ages and still commands respect and a loyal following. For details go to Avon Cosmetics

This page brings together ideas for new possible ventures where you can increase your income.

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