by Elizabeth

When a child is studying science in school they are taught to challenge a hypothesis, the aim is to disprove it. If it cannot be disproved then it is probably the truth. This requires research and many challenges over a period of time.

The climate change theory has never been challenged or researched properly. If anyone challenges the findings or asks questions there are shouts of "Unfair" or "liar" from the climate change advocates. It has become a cult that you join or you are shunned.
The earth is millions of years old and has shown changes over its life time, we are just a blink in its eye. CO2 levels are as low as they have been over the period of the earth existence. We are mere tots on the landscape.
The big players are the Sun, water vapour and the earths volcanic emissions, and the random nature of Mother earths weather.
The Climate change cult is about making money for the greedy 1% and nothing to do with real science.
Stop deforestation that makes CO2 rise,"no" the big firms need their wood. The rich want furniture made from rare hard woods. If this sort of thing was stopped, air flights restricted, conferences skyped etc. I would start to believe in the climate change as credible science.
Al Gore spends more on electricity than anyone else in his state, uses a private jet, how can you take anything this man says as real? All the weather conferences are held on islands in the pacific, why? These scientist no more believe their theories than we do it is all a money game.

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Sep 23, 2015
Hypothesis NEW
by: Anonymous

What an interesting post.

It pin-points the difference between them and us.

Unfortunately this state will always exist, so much so that it often results in people with any intelligence going their own ways. Sad but tfrue.

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