House Remodelling

Is house remodelling for you?

Have you and your family outgrown your house?

Is it necessary to move or are you happy in your present location?

Have you thought of extending the size of your house and increasing the value?

Or, if you are you thinking of moving, some of the ideas given below should substantially increase the value of your house.

The final decision is yours, but read on for inspiration.

The following tips should be borne in mind:

1. Square footage is always worth more on the ground floor – in living rooms than in bedrooms. It also creates more impact which is one of the main aims of house remodelling.

Logic says you are awake when downstairs and constantly taking in the size of the rooms. When you are upstairs in the bedrooms you are normally asleep and unaware of the surroundings.

2. Consider installing floor to ceiling height doors and windows. This has greater impact particularly if these are almost entirely made of glass.

The amount of light they will shed in the rooms will make them appear larger. And will make the house appear larger.

3. Make use of the Internet to download floor plans for other similar properties.

Search planning permission applications from your local authority web site also look at similar properties available from estate agents. This will allow you to see what has been done in similar properties and should give you ideas. Cheating maybe, but an easy step towards new ideas for house remodelling.

4. You don’t need to employ an expensive architect. Make use of the planning services available from local kitchen and bathroom suppliers. They have perfectly good design services which are available if you buy their fittings.

5. It is cheaper to build yourself more space than to buy it on the open market (i.e., buying another property).

Over the past ten years the cost of building work has not escalated in the same way as the cost of a house or bungalow.

6. A very high percentage of garages are not used for housing the car – more likely to be used for junk storage. Why not convert your garage into another room? This is one of the best ideas for house remodelling.

A rough estimate of cost is £10,000. It could also be possible be extended to the rear of the property. This will add to this estimated cost.

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7. If your house is somewhat old fashioned in design with a bathroom downstairs, this invites conversion. Convert this bathroom into a cloakroom with combined utility room. Upstairs, if you have a small third or fourth bedroom, convert this into a bath/shower room. This will put tremendous value on your house and will be far more convenient for the existing family.

8. If you can extend your kitchen outwards into the garden and add sufficient area to form a breakfast room/space this again will add value.

The kitchen is the place where most families tend to congregate. If, in addition, you can add glass doors and windows as per Tip 2, so much the better.

9. Wherever possible, make good use of large wall fixed mirrors. These can give the appearance of doubling the size of a room. An illusionist’s trick. This is particularly good in a small hall.

10. If your house is not already fitted with central heating, consider installing it.

You will probably spend between £2,000 and £3,000 but the effect will be worth it adding around £5,000 to the value of your house.

11. Seek expert advice if you are contemplating removing a wall. If it is load bearing then some equivalent strain bearing arch or similar should be installed. Don't suddenly become 'Tumbledown' House.

Not only will these tips serve you and your family well whilst you live there, when the time comes to selling the property, you should reap the financial reward.

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