The Cheapest House Buildings Insurance

When searching around for house buildings insurance the obvious choice now seems to be one of the many on-line quotation companies.

There are a whole range of choices varying from the totally brilliant and entertaining little Meerkat advertisements - 'Simples' - to the opera singer with the corkscrew moustache and snazzy green and white socks.

These come and go as companies 'up-grade' their advertising programmes.

Because so many of the larger companies - those that are not normally associated with insurance - all seeking your money, you will need to be extra vigilant.

It pays to bear in mind the fact that if insurance companies can afford to spend possibly millions of pounds on TV advertising, then the rewards must be very lucrative. So shop around.

These days the whole of life seems to be veering towards the Internet and whilst this method can produce extremely good results when you wish to compare house insurance don’t forget your trusty telephone.

You may well receive a very competitive quote from one of the on-line dealers, but you will be well advised to make notes of the prices you receive in order to get the best deal when you finally compare house insurance.

This way you can always pitch one company against another, which often produces astounding results in the low house buildings insurance price actually available.

Custom Search

If you take the trouble to telephone the company concerned, but not making any mention of the price you have received from the Internet site, you may be pleasantly surprised to get a reduced price over the phone by as much as a further £20.

It will also pay to take advantage of the offers from some of the leading cash-back sites such as, or all of which are mentioned on our page Online Discount Codes

The best tips we can offer for saving money on the cheapest house insurance are:

  • Search more than one website.
  • Do not take their word as ‘gospel’.
  • Read all the questions properly – take your time and think.
  • Double-check the excess option
  • Beware of ’add ons’ – Do you really need these?
  • Ring the insurance company, speak to them and negotiate a quote, and
  • Check what vouchers are available and whether they would be of use to you.
  • Make sure everything that concerns you is covered, i.e., theft of oil from your domestic tank.
  • Some insurers are ‘locked-in’ to a contract if they choose to use internet sites to secure business, but it is worth asking around. At the moment Churchill are not. They might just be worth a look for the house buildings insurance. If you use any of the top cashback sites such as or any of the others, you will probably see links to some comparison sites. But the discounts on offer are frequently far less. A premium could be reduced by as little as £1.50.

    So, for the other option try going back to an insurer’s site from a cashback website, and you can stand the chance of earning up to £100 off your premium. It is almost possible to hear you saying ‘what a bother’, but then ask yourself, do you really want to save money? Are you really looking for the cheapest house buildings insurance cover?

    The money is better off in your pocket than with the insurance company. It will pay you to make a good job of things when you compare house buildings insurance – or any other insurance. Don’t give your money away.

    Remember the old proverb – seek and ye shall find!

    Once you have secured a good deal you can allow yourself a private gloat!

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