Heating Oil Theft

Heating oil theft is probably one central heating problem that you have not reckoned with.

Because of the high prices being charged for oil, you will need to make sure that you and your family use it and not any passing thief.

Why should they live off your back?

The following tips will help ensure that you do not become a victim.

These heating oil tips will make your central heating oil supply just that bit safer.

Guard against heating oil theft and save money.

1. If possible, screen the tank with trellis covered with a climbing plant or a hedge.

2. Cover any external pipe work/fuel lines from the tank to the house.

3. Install motion sensor security lighting to cover the tank area.

4. To prevent heating oil theft, restrict easy access to the tank. i.e. Thieves will want to get as close to your tank as possible so make their lives as difficult as you can. Install a fence or gate. Padlock and bolt the gate. This will not stop determined thieves but it may well slow them down and make them fearful of discovery and hopefully, move on.

5. Install a Watchman Sonic sensor device in the house so that you can constantly be aware of any sudden drop in the contents of your tank. More information is available at Heating Oil Tanks

6. Join the Neighbourhood Watch scheme operating in your area and telephone the police if you see any suspicious vehicles nearby.

7. Ensure that your central heating oil is covered under your household contents insurance.

8. It is possible to install a metal cover over your bunded plastic oil tank, this can then be padlocked and made relatively secure. This is likely to be quite expensive and you would need to follow the next tip. You may find the expense outweighs the safety of your tank and the contents. It is just possible that in their attempt to steal your oil by breaking the metal cover, the thieves will also damage your plastic tank.

9. As a safety precaution, if in doubt, consult your heating oil supplier or tank installer regarding security measures affecting the pipe-work or tank. He should be able to give you good advice on your central heating problems.

Only you can judge the nature of your area and the possible level of threat to heating oil theft. Don’t make your life a misery and unwittingly add another central heating problem to your list - just take sensible precautions.

To make sure you are buying central heating oil at the lowest possible price, go to Central Heating Oil Oil Prices

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