Healthy Hair Tips For Damaged Hair

Here we aim to give you plenty of healthy hair tips for damaged hair that are easy to follow.

Healthy hair is a barometer of your own health.

Medication can affect the look of your hair by way of spikiness, lack of lustre and general poor condition.

When the medication is stopped, your hair should return to its normal good looks.

Equally, if your are always feeling tired, lacking in energy this will also show in your hair condition and can indicate the need for medication.

Seeing your doctor for a simple blood test will give the answer. At least you will be nearer to solving the healthy hair tips for damaged hair problem.

Men worry unneccesarily about going bald, but fashions change and now many young men shave their heads completely. Some have a hair transplant.

We have assembled some healthy hair hints for damaged hair which will help you attain and keep your healthy hair.

Hair is the crowning glory for a lady, make sure it is yours


We are not aiming cheap – but frugal. People measure cheap in terms of price cost while frugal people measure them in terms of its value for the money.

Here on healthy hair tips for damaged hair we shall be concentrating on frugal.

1. When you find a shampoo that suits your hair don’t use it time after time. Instead collect about three, possibly four shampoos that are acceptable to you and your hair, together with their accompanying conditioner, and use each shampoo in rotation. This is not more expensive because you will be using each shampoo and conditioner on different occasions.

Probably one, your all time favourite, might get chosen when you have a special occasion looming, but try and be sensible. You hair will definitely benefit by not becoming accustomed to the same ‘well meaning’ treatment time after time.

2. At one time there were only four types of shampoo – for greasy hair, normal hair, dry hair and one for dandruff Now there seems to be a shampoo for almost every circumstance. You must make up your own mind whether these do ‘what it says on the tin’. For instance, Pantene Enhanced Layers definitely does work for the author. Unfortunately now discontinued! Just use your own discretion. Just keep in mind these are healthy hair tips for damaged hair.

3. Remember all shampoos are basically detergent based and you only get what you pay for. You will need to use discretion and intelligence here to determine whether the price being asked is extortionate.

4. If you find one particular shampoo is not to your liking, use it as shower gel instead. Don’t waste it. This is really being frugal! Healthy hair tips for damaged hair - and a clean body as well!

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On to more Healthy Hair Tips For Damaged Hair:

5. If you colour your hair at home you need to choose which brand best suits your scalp and hair. Study the packet well before you make your selection. If you decide to have a slightly darker look, two shades darker are the most you should attempt at home. Going lighter presents more of a problem, so just take it easy and try just one shade lighter. At all costs avoid ammonia based products. If in doubt, go to a salon but still check what they intend using on your hair.

6. Another healthy hair tip. If you go to a salon beware of additional products and treatments that are suggested to you. The operative is normally on a commission basis. So learn a two lettered word ‘No’. If you go to the salon just needing just a normal hair-cut and possibly a shampoo, ask yourself why do you need a hot-oil treatment? Why do you need a spa treatment? Think frugal here.

7. If your hair looks dry and lack lustre, try the old-fashioned remedy of rubbing warmed almond oil into your scalp, wrapping your head in a warm towel for 15 minutes and then washing and shampooing in the normal way. Almond oil is available from most good chemists. This condition may also be an indication you need to pay more attention to your diet - see below.

8. It does pay to be loyal to a specific salon and operative, but don’t be afraid to try a special offer from another salon if the price is particularly competitive. Use these healthy hair tips for damaged hair to guide you.

Finally some quick, short healthy hair tips that are definitely frugal and definitely not cheap-skate.

9. Shampoo your hair every other day at the most. Give your hair a chance to recover during washes.

10. If you have a short style – wash and go – this is far more economical on time, drying costs etc.

11. Don’t blow-dry your hair too much, it damages the hair.

12. Definitely do not use a hair-straightener too frequently as these can be real bad news for your hair. Remember you need to keep your hair on your head as you grow older and hair-straighteners can do damage to the growth here.

13. Have your hair trimmed/cut every 4/6 weeks, this will get rid of split ends and also promote growth.

14. Choose a style you can maintain yourself if you have neither the money time nor the to spend 50 minutes in the salon every week.

15. Never brush hairwhen it is wet - you will stretch it. Just gently comb it through, and if possible allow the hair to dry naturally, then you can brush it.

16. If you have children, try to cut their hair yourself. Apart from the initial outlay of a good pair of scissors, you will save a mint of money here, plus the bother of taking them to the hairdresser.

17. Sometimes children bring unwanted visitors home with them in the shape of head lice – nits. Try not to panic. Take a look at this page for a solution.

18. One of the main things that help to cultivate healthy hair is a healthy diet will show in the condition of your hair. Protein, iron and vitamin B foods will definitely be of benefit.

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