Healthy eating - more.

by Jo
(Suffolk, UK)

As I am so pleased at losing 2lbs. in weight in a week, I thought I would post how I did this.

Breakfast: Porridge (made in the microwave) with a sliced, raw apple on top.

Lunch: A portion of Cheat's Rissoto (from the Recipes page), sliced lettuce, chopped celery stick, beetroot and some fish - sardines, smoked mackerel. (The Rissoto freezes very well in separate portions).

Dinner/Supper: Same again but with different fish, some grated carrot and any other salad vegetable you fancy.

Snacks. I eat three or four dried apricots between meals when I feel peckish.

I try to drink plenty of water during the day, but find this difficult unless I add some fruit juice. Tesco sell two varieties - orange plus apple and blackcurrant in bottles at 29p. Very reasonable.

Include walking for exercise in all of this. Result - Success!

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Jan 22, 2011
well done Jo!
by: Chrissie

Well done Jo!

I'm supposed to be dieting but find it too depressing and hard in the winter months.
I always start out with good intentions. Indeed I have eaten porridge with a teaspoon of honey (not sugar) for breakfast everyday for the past 3 years which I enjoy;but from lunchtime onwards it's all down hill,and instead of being good I eat a sneaky cream cake and chocolate, lol.
I love fish and vegetables but simply can't resist everything else.In summer last year I managed to loose over 2 and half stone but it has slowly crept back. Cycling and walking helps then as the weather is kinder. Did you know that sipping half a glass of fresh pineapple juice before meals helps to naturally speed metabolism and help digest your food better? Also cider vinegar and honey works too. I have always find on the whole diets really boring and dreary even when i lost the weight.! Ah well...never mind.
You keep going Jo...don;t let me put you off or tempt you, lol! Happy dieting! xx

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