Head Lice Facts and Treatment

Unfortunately head lice facts and treatment have now become part of life for some unlucky people.

Even the cleanest of families can now find they have unwanted visitors in their house.

It is not only primary school age children who can pick up head lice in their hair, teenagers and adults are also at risk even by just ‘borrowing’ a comb to tidy their hair.

In fact any close contact with hair can result in contagion.

Nits no longer hold the stigma of the 1930’s when the nit-nurse would visit schools and comb through each child’s hair in turn.

It is an unpleasant task removing nits from a child’s head,and it's no use pretending otherwise.

It is possible to have this done professionally but cost per child is around £100 and subsequent treatments cost £50. Bear in mind that there is absolutely no guarantee that your child will not become re-infected in as short a time as three or four days. Therefore these head lice facts and treatment at home may well become essential.


The following interesting facts will help throw light on the nit and its habits. Ughhh.....

1. A fully-grown head lice can crawl 9 in. in as short a space as a minute, and worse still, is genetically programmed to move onto new heads.

2. It is a myth that nits prefer shiny, clean hair – they are not so (nit) picky.

3. A louse has a life span of approximately 25/30 days.

4. The female louse only needs to mate once. She simply stores what she needs to make nits throughout the whole of her lifetime. She can lay up to ten eggs per day – usually between four and six.

5. A nit egg attached to a fallen hair will hatch and can live away from a host scalp for up to 48 hours.

6. The nits are small, about the size of a sesame seed and beige/white in colour.

7. Head lice live close to the scalp, where there is guaranteed warmth, food and shelter. They cannot fly, jump or hop and are spread when people's heads touch each other.

8. For a totally unorthodox approach, take a look at Tip.2

9. As a general, sensible precaution, no matter how friendly you are, don't share hair combs.

Perhaps you have received the dreaded letter from school saying ‘There has been an outbreak of head lice in your child’s class. Please make sure you take appropriate action.’

From these facts, you now know the enemy you are up against and this is where these head lice facts and treatment become invaluable.

The first step is either to consult either your doctor or your pharmacist for help on head lice treatment. There are numerous products on the market and many can be bought on line or in your local supermarket.

Some organic products are deemed to be woefully inadequate. On the other hand some people swear by Tea Tree Oil. You will also benefit by using a special nit comb to use before and after shampooing with whatever products you choose.

Last year a study found those who fine-combed their wet hair during the head lice treatment were four times more likely to remove the lice than those relying on products bought at the chemist. Kill any lice you find. Depending on how squeamish you are, this can be done with either tweezers or finger nails. Good head lice combs cost between £11 and £15 each and have fine, long teeth which are essential for this job. This is where this page on head lice facts and treatment will prove invaluable.

Bear in mind that nits prefer to live at the base of the head, near to the nape of the neck, so check underneath the collar on a blouse or shirt. Eggs are often found in the child’s ears. Also check the child's bedding for stray hairs first thing in the morning whilst the bed is still warm.

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In reality, it will be necessary to check your child’s hair every week. Better safe than sorry. This is one of the harsher fact of head lice facts and treatment.

If you do this head lice treatment job yourself it will be less of an embarrassment for you and your child and very much cheaper. Think clean, think safety, think head lice treatment. Just think how embarrassed your child would feel about being taken to 'the head lice doctor'.

Many tips are given here - sort out which method is best for you and your circumstances.

Think positive - using these head lice facts and treatment and the sooner you tackle the problem, the sooner it will be cured.

If you know of a 'nit removal' solution, please let us know and we will pass it on. The tip - not the nits!

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