Haggling Tips - Learn the Skill

Follow our haggling tips - develop your skills - save your money.

Haggling is a skill that most people fail to develop.

This can often be seen in the funny TV adverts.

To learn these skills your must forget all about being embarrassed.

It is so easy to develop your skills - just concentrate on your aim - keeping your money safe.

Aim at getting the asking price down and your wallet, credit card or bank balance firm.

Just read on:

1. First of all make sure you choose a quiet time in the store, be relaxed with the salesperson. Always seek out a senior member of staff - junior members will not have the power to negotiate. Tell them your name - "Hi Jason, my name is Fred" (their name will probably be on their shirt or jacket). Chat for a while to establish a friendly atmosphere - the pleasant store, or any subject that comes to mind will do. Keep the situation light and pleasant - never, ever lose your temper. You will catch more flies with honey than vinegar is one of the best haggling tips to keep in mind.

2. Regard it as hunting your quarry. Keep the target in sight but remember this is a game and it is meant to be fun, so keep it light hearted with them (but serious from your point of view).

3. Don't even mention the price during the first few minutes of your conversation. Hopefully you will have done your research and know exactly at what figure the item (car or big white ticket item) is normally priced. One of the best haggling tips is - relax, don't be in too much of a hurry. Dress down when you go on a haggling expedition. A flash watch or rings will not help your situation.

4. Start at a lower price so that you can move up slightly in negotiations, giving the impression to the staff that they are winning. A good (cheeky) start is about half what the seller is asking and then expect to pay about a third less. You will than have an excellent haggling result. This low start will help to establish in the store assistant's mind that they are controlling the situation, when actually the reverse is true. Always keep our haggling tips in mind.

Pointing out any imperfections will help you get a better result.

5. When he/she quotes you a price, say 'Yes I like the (? car or whatever you are negotiating for) If you can get the price down I will buy today.'

6. Don't let them steam-roller you. If they refuse, just say ‘Well, what sort of deal can you do to persuade me to buy?'

You must control the situation, not them. Never rush - allow moments of silence. If you are in control - as you should be - this will give them time to worry that they might lose the sale. This is one of the major haggling tips - don't forget it - control the situation - you are the buyer, you have the money and technically you are paying their salary.

7. Here you need to give them a short period to ponder or maybe suggest they see their Manager (they may not have authority to close a deal)

8. Alternatively, say you have a dental appointment and will come back in an hour. If this fails, carry out your threat to leave, give them your thanks, shake hands, (you never know you may need to come back in the future) then walk out of the store and go elsewhere. Always be prepared for this.

Drastic. Dramatic. Yes, but you have lived to negotiate a deal another day. You have nothing to lose. This is all part of the haggling tips operation.

9. Big ticket electronic items and strangely, mattresses, often offer fertile ground for putting your haggling tips into operation. You may not be able to negotiate down for something like the latest Kindle or IPhone, but TVs and sound-sound systems are a definite possibility.

Often you may not need to actually negotiate. Once you get one movement downwards from the assistant, say ‘Oh, No, That’s way beyond my budget’ and repeat it every time they knock £10 or so off.

Another one of the haggling tips is if you are negotiating for a large item such a car, take a look around the showroom beforehand and see what 'extras' you might like to be included in the deal.

10. You, in the negotiating position will know when the rock-bottom price has been reached. The assistant will probably be a little exasperated that you have beaten him. This is the time to accept with grace and thanks. Shake his hand to reinforce the deal and offer thanks to the haggling tips.

You are more likely to have success in an 'independent' store or a market than in a large chain of stores, although this is not impossible in the present economic climate.

11. You can also haggle over telephone deals. When you are negotiating the renewal of your contract with a television channel and feel you are getting nowhere with the operator, ask to speak to the Customer Retention Department. Here you will have the opportunity of knocking down the overall price. Point out you are a regular customer making regular payments. Ask for a free month. Just press your case. You are the customer and they need you.

Obviously you will need to do some homework, but just think of the money (and the sport).

Custom Search

Go armed with a price that their competitors will accept, or a print out of prices from the Web to get the ball rolling. When you produce this information be prepared for a long pause, then after that tell the sales rep. you would like him to match their competitors price.

Silence is very uncomfortable – don’t lose your ‘bottle’ - just wait for their response. The assistant may well say ‘Let me look into this’ to give him/her a chance to ask to his Manager.

So how will you know when you have hit the store’s rock-bottom price? The assistant will possibly start losing interest in you, looking around for another customer. They may possible say – ‘this is the final offer – we cannot go any lower’.

The decision is then yours.

You will not be able to get a price reduction at Costco, Bookers or any other warehouse outlet. Don’t waste your time haggling – the prices won’t go any lower.

Haggling or not, don’t forget to get your guarantee before you leave the store.
Don’t fall for the favourite trick of stores of an extended warranty.
This is where they make their money.

If you are going through this haggling scenario shortly before a sale you could try and get a guarantee (for 30 days) that if the price falls below that which you have negotiated, then the store will refund the difference. But, you may well be on thin ice here! Use your judgment of the situation.

Points to remember:

1. Do your homework and make good use of our haggling tips. Have evidence of competitors' prices.
2. Always be polite and be quite unemotional. Don't let it show that you really want this product.
3. Start with a low but reasonable price.
4. Don’t be afraid of silence or pauses in conversation. Silence is helpful to you. Don’t lose your nerve here.
5. Stick firm on your final price here and be prepared to walk away. Often the best price is obtained when you start to 'walk-the-walk'.
4. When a deal is done, offer your thanks and shake hands.

Good luck and happy haggling.

Try your haggling skills at the sales.

Just make the right choice - preferably a high ticket item - and give it a try.

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