Gourmet Meals for Students

OK. OK. Gourmet Meals for Students is a fantastic leap of faith!

But - you will find some quick, cheap and easy ideas for meals that will help spread your cash and keep the wolf from the door.

Living away from home in student accommodation at Uni is a challenge in itself, plus having to think about saving money for basic every day living.

Money will be short, so anything designed to save time and effort is welcome.

Read on and pick up some tips for really cheap gourmet meals for students.


Just to prove that these gourmet meals for students need not always be the traditional fry-up, take a look at the recipes and ideas below.

A 'fry-up' is not always the healthy option and can be quite expensive.

Have a browse around and see what tickles your taste buds!

Amongst the real gourmet meals for students is that old stand-by mince which makes the food go further and will save money.

1. Fry some chopped onion, add the mince, and stock cube dissolved in water. Cook mince in the usual way but add a couple of tablespoons of porridge oats at the final simmering stage. This will bulk up the meat but is still nutritious and filling. The oats will take on the flavour and consistency of the meat. Don’t forget to add plenty of thinly sliced carrots, swede and parsnips, or whatever left over vegetable you have available.

Ringing the changes by adding a can of chopped tomatoes is another version. Also try adding pearl barley instead of porridge oats.

You can also use 'Veggie' mince, ‘quorn" style meat substitute for vegetarians in the same way which is full of goodness. (Check first though for any wheat allergies!) This product is also low fat. All good solid student meals. Contribution from Chrissie from Chelmsford, Essex. Thank you.

2. For another really easy student meal using creamy mashed potato:

Beat two eggs together in a cup, add these in the final mashing with a little milk, butter, chopped chives, if available. Top with grated cheese. Place under a hot grill until brown. Chopped tomatoes and lightly fried onion can be added for extra taste!

To get your dose of Omega 3 oils, serve with sardines across the top of the browned cheese before serving. Yummy! This is another contribution to gourmet meals for students from Chrissie M. Chelmsford. Essex. Thank you.

For even more versions of the humble creamed potato go to Tip.5.

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Another quick and cheap student meal again based on creamed potatoes is as follows:

3. Cream the potatoes with butter, milk and grated cheese. Place in an ovenproof dish, make two hollows in the potato mix with the base of a spoon and crack an egg in each. Place in a warm oven and cook until the eggs are set. Serve with baked beans or a healthy salad. The choice is yours! Contribution from Helen in Essex. Thank you.

4. Eggy Bread. Beat two eggs together in a cup or bowl with seasoning. Tip on to a plate. Dip thick sliced bread into the mix coating each side and fry these in a frying pan with a little olive oil in the base. Let each side turn golden brown. Remove from pan and keep warm. Serve with baked beans and fried tomatoes. Maybe not a gourmet meal for students, but a delicious supper that will fill a hole and save money!

5. Left-overs soup. Buy a can of Heinz tomato soup, or Campbell’s vegetable soup. Add some thinly sliced sausages that have been left over from a previous meal, plus any left over vegetables such as tinned sweet corn, baked beans, sliced, cooked potatoes. Heat thoroughly, serve with some crusty bread and enjoy. A good way of clearing up 'left-overs' and it can be a very filling meal.

6. Take a look at www.approvedfood.co.uk This company specilises in short-dated or out-of-date "Best Before" dry food products as well as fully coded clearance stock. So why not get together with some of your mates, or your family and see what bargains you can pick up. Even with the added carriage it still looks like a very good deal.

7. Don't forget that superb stand-by - jacket potatoes. Served with baked beans and tomatoes this is a fantastic belly-filler. Then there are the other permutations of cheese, bacon, sausages, served with a tin of chilli con carne etc. Remember jacket potatoes cost a young fortune to buy in pubs and other outlets, so make sure you do your own.

When cooking your own jacket spuds, speed up the process by sticking a metal skewer through the centre of the spud before placing in the oven.

8. Take a look here at our recipe page for loads of cheap filling ideas.

9. Make sure you look in the Reduced Items for Quick Sale area. Every supermarket has one.

10. It is easy to make a tasty quick meal if you go to Money Saving Easy Meals

After you have completed your degree course and have landed a highly paid job, gourmet meals for students may become a thing of the past. Possibly some will always lurk in your memory and taste buds.

Have we covered everything? Let us know.


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These pages will all be of great help to any students living on a tight budget. Surely this is most of you now?

Good luck with your studies and make sure you eat well - it is very important.

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