Good Deals on Mobile Phones

Trying to find a good deals on mobile phones can be very difficult.

The market is flooded with many ‘fantastic’ offers that turn out to be not quite so fantastic when they are investigated.

Therefore it is essential you sort out your personal needs before taking any action you might regret later on.

First of all consider your budget and the how urgent the need to save money has become.

Then ask - can you get good deals on mobile phones?

The first question of get out of the way is – do you really need a Mobile Phone?

If 'Yes'……… do you economise?

Will you be constantly texting?

Do you need to pick up your emails on a daily basis?

Will you be ringing your friends throughout the day?

Will you be traveling abroad on holidays/business etc.?

Will your phone be used as a ‘safety device’ to carry constantly with you, to be used only in an ‘emergency’?

Are you interested in free evening and weekend calls?

So...get your requirements clear in your mind before you start looking for a good deals on mobiles phones.


For Free SMS Sites

this is the place to sort yourself a bargain. You will find instructions on how to use the site on the menu bar on the left hand side. Easy! Better still you will save money - one of the good deals on mobile phones.

There are several other routes you can choose.

To check and compare deals on switching your mobile company go to The Bill Monitor This is an impartial service that analyses exactly how you use your mobile phone then matches you to the right mobile phone contract. Another one of the good deals on mobile phones.

Custom Search


Most suppliers demand that you sign up for a minimum period of 12 often 18 months contract. On top of this there is the Line Rental fee to be taken into consideration. Some offer free insurance, some offer 3-month’s free rental. Therefore as in example 3, although you will be getting the mobile phone free, it is not really free - there will be a monthly line rental.

These good deals on mobile phones change almost every day and you have to be clever and alert when looking for the 'catches'.

For instance, at time of writing, are offering a Samsung U600 with Virgin 30 as:

10 months FREE line Rental,FREE 200 anytime X-Net minutes per month.Free 300 text messages per month.Line Rental £30, 12 months contract,14 days peace of mind guarantee.FREE insurance.Next day delivery.

As with almost everything else in this life that involves money, you must search around and sort out the best deal. These will change weekly and it will be impossible to give constant up-to-date information on this site.

The best option is to look at your needs – see the checklist above. Then take a look around the Internet and sort out some possibly suitable offers. Key into Google and then Mobile Phones to see what is on offer. We are not recommending any particular company. You do need to look around for good deals on mobile phones.

If you are able, look in your local Mobile Phone shop and see what they have to offer. If you have done your homework as above you may be able to haggle with them and negotiate a good deal. Take a look at How to Haggle.

Talk to your friends. Obviously, they will all want to convince you that they have secured the best deal so maybe they can tell you where they good deals on mobile phones are to be found.

If they have different suppliers, i.e., O2, Orange, Virgin, check out the reception they are receiving in your area.

If you are a student or on a limited budget, then the Pay As You Go system is best for your mobile phone. Then set yourself a budget and keep within it. Also make sure you get yourself one of the good deals on mobile phones.

Those companies that offer free evening and weekend calls are worth investigating. If you can get a fairly reasonable rate on your land-line phone and use your mobile for your evening and weekend calls, this may well be the best route. Bear in mind that when you get these free calls, the daytime calls may be more expensive than on other schemes. Swings and roundabout situation here.

PAY AS YOU GO PHONES - A Perfect Way to Save Money

Pay-as-you-go phones are the best pick in the market. A number of other deals are also being offered with these phones.

Pay-as-you-go phones offer various advantages to the user. The allow you to recharge your mobile phone with any amount and whenever the need arises. You have to get the mobile recharged with a suitable amount before you start using it. These phones help you to keep a check on your monthly bills as the user can recharge the phone according to his/her requirements and budget.

The other advantage of these mobile phones is that the user can switch to any other network whenever he wants. Unlike contract phones, the person is not bound by any contracts. These phones are usually preferred by students as they don't normally have much usage, thus, can pay for what they are actually using.

Many mobile phone brands such as Samsung, Nokia, Sony Ericsson, Motorola, HTC, Blackberry, LG etc., are also offering the same great handset offers as pay-as-you-go phones.

All the leading network providers such as Vodaphone, Virgin, T-Mobile, Orange, O2 etc. are offering a number of pay-as-you-go mobile phone deals. They are offering good discounts and free gifts with these handsets such as lap-tops, gaming consoles, automatic cash-back, free downloading, calls and text messages at reduced rates, reduced roaming rates and much more.

There are various on-line portals which give information about various mobile phone deals. They even make comparisons amongst all the deals so that the customer can easily select the best mobile phone deals according to his/her needs and budget.

If you drop your mobile phone in water, try the following. A fisherman dropped his phone in the river. He took it home, placed it in a bowl of uncooked rice to cover it completely. In the morning it worked. Obviously this can't be guaranteed, but there is nothing to be lost by trying it. Apparently it is best to remove the battery and Sim card before putting the phone in the rice and dry out as much of the water as possible with a soft cloth. Don't use a paper tissue as you may leave small particles of the paper inside the phone.


Huge savings can also be made here.

1. Shop around, again using Uswitch for the cheapest telephone companies and Broadband suppliers. You will probably be surprised at the savings that can be made here. Good deals on mobile phones and landline phones.

2. However, the cheapest land line company does not necessarily offer the best option for you. If you have a mobile phone that gives you a deal with free telephone calls each evening and during weekends, take advantage of this offer and do not use your land line at these times. It is just a matter of common sense to sort out where you can save money.

3. Most of the new directory enquiry services now charge to find numbers for you. If you dial 0800 100100 you will get it free - you just have to listen to a short advert before being given your number.

If you use which requires free registration, you will get 10 free searches per day.

For free International enquiries links to nearly 400 directories in 204 countries and it includes an in-built translator.

4. If you live in the country and have a land line phone service and Broadband service from the same operator, this will save all the arguments between the two whenever you have a fault. As far as you are concerned there is no bother for you - it is all theirs!

Follow this really cool advice.

Many companies use the 0870 prefix for their incoming calls from customers. This way they receive a premium payment when you use this number and you have a heavier phone bill.

If you object to this go to

Don’t use expensive 0870 numbers.

You simply go to the site on the right, enter the company name and you will given an alternative geographical telephone number if it is known. Better still, some are even free phone numbers. The choice and the savings are yours. This service has been tested and is excellent. Don't waste your money, it is far better to save it. Good deals on mobile phones and landline services.


5. If you have had a contract with your Broadband supplier for over a year, ring them and ask for a reduction in the amount you are paying.

The author did this and had her monthly bill reduced from £17.99 to £9.99 - this is scheduled for one year only. You must learn to haggle and threaten to shop around. Better still have your facts and figures lined up and to hand before you speak to your company. Remember it is up to you where saving money is concerned - we just do our best to help you!

It is important that you remember to call BT again in a year just prior to the end of this new price agreement OTHERWISE you will find your price reverts to a much higher rate.

Learn to haggle for good deals on mobile phones, land line phones and Broadband.

We are reliably informed that Sky are also 'open to negotiation' if a threat is made to withdraw from their service. You can but try. Why not give it a go? You only get what you ask for.

6. When selecting your Broadband supplier beware of the ‘new kids on the block’ who offer supposedly fantastic deals. Some of these new boys just fade away in alarming circumstances. Good deals on mobile phones, land line services and Broadband need good research.

Also it pays to take into consideration the distance your home is from the local telephone exchange. The further you are away, the slower your service. Therefore it is obvious that nothing can change this simple fact - just take it into consideration when you are offered 'fantastic' services and speeds.

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