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People are now seeking going green ideas to help preserve our planet.

Having trawled through numerous web sites in an effort to thoroughly research the ‘Go Green’ subject, it became increasingly obvious that most of the advice being offered has been on our site here - Save Money Guide - since we started our crusade on money saving.

Without wishing to rain on anyone's parade, it is not difficult to go green and not really new either - just a matter of common sense.

To make life easier for you we list below, under Our Other Pages - some of the pages on this site where you will find this specific information.

Heating - Valuable 'going green ideas' for saving money on heating can be found at

our other page On the same page you will find many going green ideas about saving water, particularly useful if your supply is metered. All very 'green'.

You will also find many money saving green tips on motoring which should help save on buying additional expensive fuel.

As our green reader Chrissie says some products that are promoted as environmentally friendly are not necessarily the cheapest or the most effective. Take a look at Eco friendly products that are probably already in your cupboard and you will see how easy it is to go green.

Make sure you get your recycling right as far as your local Council is concerned. Don’t incur totally unnecessary fines that some Councils, who have managed to tie themselves up in knots with red tape, are now inflicting on their residents.

So instead of clicking around from site to site – stay with us - all your needs are catered for here.

Owning a home business gives you many opportunities to also
be a green business.
has ideas and strategies for working from home.

Emily Cummins produced the following comments for The Daily Telegraph magazine:

Being green doesn't need to be extreme. Telling people to live off their rain-water just isn't possible.

However, trying not to over-consume is easy. Make the most out of the resources that you've got.

Think twice about whether you need a bigger flat-screen T.V.

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Plastic bags - This is a definite 'no brainer'. If you click on Tip. 1 you will earn some money towards your next groceries bill.

If something in your home breaks, rather throw it away, find out how to fix it online. You'll find manuals and blogs that offer solutions to all sorts of things. Also try the DIY page

Keep spare parts in case they might be useful for something else. Throwing something away, instead of recycling it, is the most horrendous thing ever.

Buy products from a local butcher or fruit shop rather than buying products that come from the other side of the world.

There are many aspects to eco-friendly shopping. This site has plenty of ideas on the subject that will also save money for you.

Last, but by no means least, don't forget to recycle your rubbish to be reused again in a totally different form.

Farmers have found an excellent way of greening fuel production They are now growing Miscanthus (Elephant grass) This grows to approximately 6 ft. tall and once planted can be cropped for twenty years.

One tonne of Miscanthus can produce 4MW hours of heat - the equivalent of 500 litres of heating oil.

The grass is greener

Going Green is really just a little bit of thought,
regard for your bank balance and common sense.
Make use of our going green ideas to help you here.

Do you know of a good going GREEN ideas?

Why not share it with our other readers

via the Contact Me page Thank you.

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