Glad Rags Boutique - plus Slap

Enter THE GLAD RAGS BOUTIQUE plus handbags and slap.

Is there a lady present who does not appreciate the significance of these words – glad rags, handbags and slap?

The trouble is that they can also mean spending money – lots of it.

In the best tradition of money saving, we list here some of the pages where you can read about these lovely items for free.

So take a look around, see if there is anything of interest to you – the decision is yours.

Remember, clothes and handbags tend to date, so in the best interests of saving money, it will pay to look for semi-classic items that will serve the test of time and will keep their place in your wardrobe.


1. Take a look at this site where all the information on 'slap' is free.

2. Daily Candy Here you can nominate in which city you would like to shop. It offers a free daily email of ‘goings-on’ on the fashion, food and other interesting ‘nooks’.

3. Are you getting married shortly? Take a look at this for free information on how to cope .

4. There are several retail outlets in the UK and a fantastic list is available at UK Web Start If one is within striking distance of you, a day-trip visit may well be worth while. You will be able to search for clothes and handbags to your hearts content.

5. In the United States there is Apparel Search for glad rags

6. In Australia there is Gill Australia This is a handy site, because it is possible to search by specific regions. Maybe a day-trip is the order of the day!

7. In Europe there are several choices, all in the appropriate languages: Chic Outlet

8. If you would like to trade any clothing item (including handbags) take a look at Covert Candy

Search the sites above - treat them as your on-line Glad Rags Boutique.

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