Get Rid of Old Wrinkles

In your efforts to get rid of old wrinkles you may find that several other body parts need specific attention.

If you pay attention now and maintain a youthful appearance then you are less likely to have problems later on in life.

Skin is similar in some respects to the engine of a car.
Keep it well greased and oiled and it will last longer.

Unfortunately it is a fact of life that some wrinkles are inevitable.

Technically, nothing will get rid of old wrinkles, but it is possible to delay their approach and to minimize their effect.

Botox injections are reputed to temporarily lessen the effect of wrinkles.

These injections are expensive and beg the question, do you really want a close relative of botulism injected into your healthy body?

Also, bear in mind that this is not a medical procedure, therefore the operatives administering these injections does not need qualifications. Another reason to be cautious. The Government are now considering legislation to regulate this sector.

Try not to frown, keep your skin well fed with a good cream, don’t sunbathe too much, give up smoking which does dreadful damage to your face (and health), and then you will maximise your chances.

Read our page Five a Day Facts and read the message in the brown edged display box. End of!


The Neck is not a glamorous place – and unfortunately it reveals age quickly.

Try pulling on a roll neck sweater or scarf in the middle of summer as a disguise or cover up! No, not a good idea!

The neck will reveal aging that neither make-up nor facials can hide. The solution is a good cream regularly applied.

Boots Past and Perfect Serum claims to be the only cream that has been independently tested. All the others advertise they can smooth out wrinkles. So a matter of personal choice here. This is a bottomless market for manufacturers - women will always want to try to get rid of old wrinkles.

Looking at the chemist and supermarket shelves it is apparent that this is multi-million pound/dollar business and there should not be any aged, wrinkly women around.

In the end, face up to the facts - unintended pun there, enjoy your life. Age is inevitable, delay it as long as possible but sit back and enjoy it.

Hands This is another part of the body in need of special care. They work night and day for us, gardening, handling the dogs, heaving heavy goods around, preparing vegetables, cleaning, sun damage... and so it goes on. Do them a favour and apply a good hand cream that contains a sun-block. You cannot get rid of old wrinkles here, but a smooth pair of hands look fantastic

Hair Definitely no need to get rid of wrinkles here, but hair is frequently in need of TLC. We all know what it is to have a bad-hair-day and so hair is included on this page.

Blow drying, colouring, straightening, stress, incorrect diet and so it goes on. Your poor hair! Give your hair regular treatments to combat dryness etc.

Almond oil – old fashioned but still effective - is one method. Apply a small quantity to your hands and rub into the hair. Wrap the hair up in a warm, old towel and after 15 minutes shampoo the oil out.

Another cause of fading hair condition is thyroid deficiency which is more prevalent among older ladies than men. Your doctor can check with this by a simple blood test. So if your hair along with your nails are in bad condition, you are putting on excess weight without good reason and feel very tired, see what your doctor has to say about your health.

Changing your shampoo regularly will also help. No matter how much you adore X as your shampoo, a change is as good as a rest where your hair is concerned. Some dedicated souls have recommended a bicarbonate of soda mixed with vinegar treatment, but that is a step too far for this writer.

This mix – half cup of bicarb mixed with vinegar and applied as a shampoo and then rinsed out - is supposed to rid the hair of a build up of shampoo and conditioners.

If you are prepared to try this experiment – please
let us cowardy, cowardy custards know the result!

Elbows Often neglected and forgotten but frequently a place in need of attention. You cannot see your elbows clearly so why would you think it was necessary to get rid of old wrinkles here? Other people see your elbows and you would not want a crabby pair on view. Try some of this excellent cream Tip.1 on your heels as well. Very cheap and effective on hard, dry skin. It is sad to see well groomed ladies with rough, dry skin on their heels in summer when they are wearing sandals.

This cream is also highly acceptable to men for their sore patches of skin. It is non-perfumed, non-medicated and best of all – cheap and it works.

Although hard, it is sometimes better to face up to facts - you cannot get rid of old wrinkles - even those around the eyes which are caused by smiling.

Just concentrate on keeping your skin well creamed and oiled then relax and enjoy your life. At least your face will have lived life to the full.

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