Gas and Electricity Bills under Control

Some the fastest ways to get control of your gas and electricity bills and laid out below.

Reducing your usage can help you save money in the long run on these important utilities.

Here are some tips to help you reduce how much you are using and save money on these utility bills.

If you take advantage of these simple tips you
should be surprised at the results.

Take Advantage of the Sun and the Shade

When the weather is cold, open the curtains and let the warming sun provide you with free heat. Keep the curtains open throughout the day, closing them only when the sun finally drops in the evening sky.

When the temperatures are warm and you’re trying to cool the house, watch the sun and keep the curtains closed tight against it. Sunlight will fade upholstery and carpets in no time.

Only open the curtains after the sun passes over the window and will no longer shine in directly. In rooms that are not used during the day, keep the curtains closed tight and don’t open them at all. This will help your gas and electricity bills.

A Few Degrees

Changing the temperature a few degrees can make a big difference in your usage. Bump the thermostat up a few degrees in cold weather and down a little bit in cool weather. You won’t really notice the difference, you will still be comfortable and you will enjoy a lower bill. Learn how to control your gas and electricity bills.

Shorten the Dry Time and Wash Time

Do you really need to run the washing machine for that long? Consider reducing the length of time that your washer runs. Your clothes will still get clean, but less electricity will be used in the process. Likewise, shorten how long the dryer will run for. You only need to run it for the full hour for heavy items like towels and denim. Experiment with the timer and only run the dryer for as long as really necessary. This will all help to reduce your gas and electricity bills. Best of all, if you can dry clothes outside in the fresh air, so much the better.

Get the Kids Involved

Make it a game to keep all lights and other electrical items turned off. Make it a scavenger hunt to go through the homes and find as many items to turn off as they can. Offer to pay them some of the savings if the bill comes below a certain level.

Shop Around

The best way to save on utility bills is still reducing your usage no matter what rates you are on. However, it’s still best to know that you are on the cheapest tariff. On comparison sites you can compare gas and electricity prices and choose the provider that will give you the best rates. This simple step will help your gas and electricity bills.

The Cheapest Gas and Electricity Prices Available Are Yours to Enjoy.

All you have to do is compare prices and then sign up for a new supplier. There will not be any lapse in your service and you will enjoy lower bills almost immediately. In addition to changing to a cheaper supplier, continue following the advice found here to drive the bill even lower throughout the entire year. It is best to exercise caution here when suppliers ask you to sign with them for a two year period. Ask yourself, is this the best route that you can take? Plus there is usually a penalty to pay if you terminate your contract before it is due to end.

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First Utility is an energy company with a difference. We want to help you understand your energy usage, reduce your carbon footprint and ensure you receive accurate bills.

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