Free Online Dating Agencies

Free online dating agencies can be a total minefield unless you have good information and the savvy to deal with the situation.

Some of these sites can also cost you some of your pride plus a lot of your money.

Here at Save Money Guide we try to save you money, so read on and learn how to dodge some of the more obvious traps.

Let us also show you how to make the best use of these dating agencies.

Read on and find some help.

Free online dating agencies vary in their charges so it will pay you to have a good look around to see which one best suits your particular needs. Some of these online dating websites also have a link with a daily/weekly newspaper and you can also have your advert briefly inserted in the newspapers.

Bear in mind that the company running almost all of the on-line dating agencies in the UK - Global Personals - makes an annual profit running into millions. We endeavour to guide you through the maze having your best interests firmly in place.

You are the customer and you must have your own best interests at heart at all times. Don't compromise your standards.

The obvious reasons for people choosing to use these sites are loneliness, moving to a new area and not knowing people, a religious preference, a racial preference, the need for companionship and possibly, eventually love.

The downsides are some married people are seeking another ‘partner’ for sexual liaisons. Others are seeking perversions that need satisfying and in some rare cases just to ‘fleece’ a new partner of money.

Only the user can decide. We are not here to judge.

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The upsides are that these sites provide a semi-anonymous method of seeking out a new partner without making a definite commitment; finding people who live in your area is an advantage if you are new in a specific part of the country.

These free online dating agencies are also used by divorcees who suddenly have their single status returned to them. Widows and widowers who suddenly find themselves without a loving partner can also find assistance in these free online dating agencies.

In addition, these sites offer a way of looking at the profiles of literally hundreds of people without establishing an initial contact. Almost like a mail (male) order catalogue where you can go ‘shopping’ for a new partner.

Each of these online dating websites will offer different facilities for differing groups of people.

On the plus side these range from unlimited mailing, one-to-one chatting, most are fast and easy to understand, photographs can be posted on the site, users can ‘block’ unwanted emails, most have a support emailing service and some give advice on dating. The level of service you receive is mirrored in the joining fee.

Another downside is that some of these sites pester users with totally unsuitable so-called 'matches' that are obviously computer generated and usually are not worthy of attention.

Also, once these free online dating agencies have your credit card number they will ‘automatically’ take money from your account whenever renewal is due, so pay great attention here. Make a point of emailing or telephoning the appropriate Support Centre a week or so before your account is due for renewal giving you thinking time.

Do’s and Don’ts.

1. If you do decide to register with a free online dating agencies make sure you have an alternative email address that you can use as you may not wish to give total strangers your primary address. Google and Hotmail are handy here for setting up a second account.

2. Learn how to ‘read’ what people are writing in their profiles. That which is left unsaid is often an eye opener. Beware, some users deliberately post a photograph of themselves taken when they were younger. Always ask when the photograph was taken. Don't be surprised if you are told 'porky pies'. If something appears too good to be true - it probably is.

3. Some people describe themselves as 'separated'. Ask polite but probing questions - such as 'How Separated is separated?' Often you will find they are still living at home with their partner/wife/husband. Always be tactful - always be careful. If in doubt, get out. Better to be safe and single and not involved in what could be an awkward situation.

4. If you do decide to arrange a meeting with your potential new friend, gather as much information about your intended ‘date’ as possible. Be careful. Always let a friend or relative know where you are going. Always, always, always meet in a public place such as a restaurant, cafe, public house or some similar open venue.

5. Always arrange your own transport to any new venue. Then you are a totally free agent. Do not meet at a bus stop where you will be vulnerable. Arrange a meeting where there are other people around.

6. As in real life, many good alliances have and will be made via online dating agencies and some will fail. Fate has the usual huge part to play here.

7. The advice given here is not meant to condemn people who use this service as gold-diggers or womanisers, it is just meant to make everyone alert regarding a new situation.

8. Just keep a level head on your shoulders, be sensible and do not look on anyone you meet in this way as your ‘knight in shining armour’ or your ‘potential goddess’. This is real life and a lot may depend on your good, level-headed judgement. Be sensible.

9. When you meet your ‘date’ and you have some doubts, do not disclose any further information about yourself – stick to uncompromising small talk and seek to make an exit as soon as you can. If you are meeting in a pub arrange it so that 'your date' drives away first. i.e. sit in your car (with the doors locked) and either make or pretend to make a call on your mobile.

10. Always remember there are other fish in the sea and always, always, always value yourself. There is another person, another day, another time and other free online dating agencies. You are the most important consideration.

If you do decide to use a free online dating agencies –
Good wishes for your success.

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