Free Health and Beauty Tips For You

The page contains free health and beauty tips for you and everyone in your family.

All follow our main theme – how to save money.

Some of the tips given here have a wide scope, ranging from tender skin to using up the last of your toothpaste.

There are a few ‘free’ make-up and styling sites but most have a ‘catch’ involving spending several hundreds of pounds.

This is not the aim of this site. We have hunted around and found some really great pages that give free health and beauty tips.

These are listed below under Other Internet Sites


1. The first of our free health and beauty tips for you is a great money saver. When you think your mascara has run dry, add just 2 drops of water from the tap (do this steadily and carefully). Replace the brush cap, give the tube a good shake and you will have a revitalised mascara to last quite a while longer. Thanks to Helen in Essex for this good timely tip.

2. When your favourite lipstick is down to the last stub, just use a fine lipstick brush obtainable from Superdrug or other similar outlets.

Use this to get the last bit out of colour out of the stub. It should last you for many days before it has all gone. Keep the brush safely so that you can use it again in a few months when your next lipstick is running short. You may well find that this method of applying lipstick gives a clearer outline than when applying the lipstick direct from the lipstick itself.

3. Instead of buying several different pots of cream for dry skin for various parts of your body, try Aqueous Cream BP. This is a good buy at around £2.00 for a large 500g pot (1/2 lb. pot) and will last for many months. It can be used for all sorts of dry skin conditions and rubs in very easily.

Good for hands, heels elbows in fact all ‘hard wearing’ parts of the body. It is non-greasy, non-perfumed and is very pleasant to use. This is the same product as E.45 cream but available at about a quarter of the price. See our page for Tip.1

This is not only a rates among free health and beauty tips for you, but this cream is also appreciated by men if their hands are dry and sore after work or chidren if their hands should become chapped in cold weather.

4. Next in this range of free health and beauty tips for you is if you are allergic to modern deodorants. Keep a small bowl of bicarbonate of soda in your bathroom. Apply to the underarms with a powder puff or large ball of cotton wool. Alternatively, mix the bicarb with water and use it as a spray-on deodorant. Thanks to Josene for this information.

5. Don’t throw away your toothpaste tube when you think it is empty, be a real scrooge and cut the base end off and use what is left inside. There will probably be enough toothpaste left to last for at least a week. Cover the cut end with a small piece of cling film to keep the paste fresh. A health and beauty tip that will definitely save you money.

6. This tip also applies to expensive face creams and other beauty products that come in a plastic tube. Try placing the tube on a flat, hard surface then pressing the back of a comb up along the tube towards the nozzle.

Hey presto, masses more cream for you to use. Even after this treatment you can cut the plastic tube open and probably find enough cream left for a couple more applications.

Even Scrooge himself could take lessons here!

7. If you buy a bottle of shampoo and find it is not to your liking or does not live up to your expectations, don’t throw it away - use it as a shower gel instead. Think saving money here as well as free health and beauty tips.

8. When you think your shampoo bottle is empty, remove the cap and invert it on top of the new bottle. Wait until you have used the new bottle a couple of times because you will be surprised at the amount that transfers from the old one to the new one.

9. To find health and beauty tips for you and your family when out shopping, you will need to keep your eyes open. Do watch prices!

If large supermarkets such as Tesco don't have a 'flyer' label on the shelf boasting how much cheaper they are than other supermarkets, this indicates the competition is cheaper. For instance, Pantene Enhanced Layers Shampoo £3.29 at Tesco - with no fancy flyer, BUT only £2.86 at Superdrug. A saving of 43p = 13%

Just watch prices.

10. This next of our free health and beauty tips for you is so obvious but people still see fit to ignore it.

If you stop smoking and take care of your eyes you will lessen the damage to your skin and help your eyesight.

Smokers generally have poorer skin than non-smokers, and don't let poor eyesight increase your frowning rate (have your eyes tested).

Both smoking and squinting are a no-no where your looks are concerned.

In any case, ask yourself - do you really want to smell like an old ashtray?

11. Make a point of constantly changing your shampoo. Invest in three shampoos that you like and rotate them so that you do not use the same shampoo twice running. This will ensure that your hair will will keep its vibrancy.

12. Probably the most important beauty tip of all time is to make sure you eat well Get your five-a-day and cut out the junk food. Simples!

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All you need to do is just use the following links:

1. For free make-up samples in the UK, one of the most comprehensive listings is at Free Samples which we first brought to your attention on our On-Line Money Savings for You This is a truly fantastic site for the money-saver.

2. Another excellent site with free health and beauty tips for you is Lose Weight Look Great that covers just about every aspect of beauty you can think of, and probably more.

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